Thursday, August 2, 2018


20 years in prison and 208 million to pay the subscribers of the operation 'Forex Trading', such is the verdict pronounced on July 30 against Kouakou Kouadio Nathan and Koukoyi Divine Sega, the two leaders of "Gesem Group" .

Indeed, since October 2017, Kouadio Nathan and Koukoyi Divine Sega the two leaders of "Gesem Group" have used the title and the notoriety of the pastors Patrick Yoro and Dieunedort Kandem to promise to the faithful of the churches of these last ones but also to others people in Ivory Coast and Cameroon profits of 300% per year in an activity called "Forex Exchange".

After their lump sum, the subscribers lodged a complaint against the two pastors. After a lengthy trial and a tough interrogation of the judges and the Prosecutor, they admitted to having received more than 208 million pastors and subscribers from Cameroon. Responding to other questions, the two defendants clearly acknowledged their entire responsibility and committed that of the two pastors.

At the end of this, the judge sentenced them to 20 years in prison and paid 208 million CFA francs to their victims, including pastors Yoro and Kandem and the subscribers in Cameroon.

The two pastors who can push a sigh of relief plan to hold a press conference on Friday, August 03, 2018 to give more details on this case.