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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Cardinal Tuni Is The Moral Sponsor Of Ambazonians, Says Banda Kani

And to continue "There are unacceptable things coming from someone claiming moral authority ... Those who still doubted and pretending to see, see very well who this gentleman is",

The religious leaders led by Cardinal Christian Tumi have decided to conduct a mediation called "Anglophone General Conference" which will be held from Wednesday 29 to Thursday 30 August 2018 in Buea, in order to find solutions to the crisis in the country, the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

These men of God in a joint declaration called on the government and the "separatists" to open a "frank, inclusive and complete dialogue" to end the crisis, saying "ready to serve as facilitators between the Cameroonian government and the secessionists ". An initiative that, unfortunately, did not have unanimous support within the public opinion.

The government, for its part, indicated by the voice of its spokesperson, to be ready to accept any "proposals from wherever it comes provided that it contributes to consolidating peace on the whole territory"

But by being especially opposed to the preconditions posed by the religious. "Nor can we ask the rule of law, such as ours, to free those who have killed, massacred and are now arrested. What is happening, because we are in a state of law , they will be brought to court to answer for their crimes, "said Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary on national television.