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Friday, August 3, 2018

CAN 2019: Philip Chiyangwa The CAF Vice President Challenges Information Announcing The Withdrawal Of The Competition In Cameroon

" If Cameroon can guarantee the security of people that people can come and go without problems and also builds all its stadiums and airports then Cameroon will host 2019 African Cup of Nations" CAF Vice President

The organization of the 2019 African Cup of Nations has not yet escaped Cameroon. Faced with information that credited the thesis of its withdrawal to Morocco or Egypt, a senior official of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), has brought a denial. In extracts selected by the Cameroonian special envoy of SIKKA TV in the presidential elections of Zimbabwe and taken over by Canal 2 International, the first vice-president of the committee in charge of the organization of competitions at the CAF Philip Chiyangwa said: "I will make you a promise as one of the Vice-Chairs of the CAN Organizing Committee. I wish nothing untoward happens in Cameroon. If Cameroon builds all its stadiums and airports eventually, that people can come and go without problems and that security is guaranteed, Cameroon is the destination where we want to be in 2019 ".

Ahmed Shoubeir, former guardian of the Pharaohs of Egypt announced last Friday on his Facebook account that the CAN 2019 would be organized in Morocco because of the delay by Cameroon. A new denial in Morocco and Cameroon. The Moroccan minister of sports speaking of "fake news" while the CAN Organizing Committee said: "the Commission of the CAF which is when it is responsible for giving a report to the AG of CAF planned in late August arrives on the 12th. On the 13th she will observe the level of progress of all the technical commissions (inspection of the organization). It is at the end of this turn of the commissions that it will have to produce a report to transmit to the GA. Let's avoid making false information our element of operation. And be the unnecessary relay of this information whose only purpose is to Sow panic among the population.