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Saturday, August 4, 2018

CAN 2019: The inhabitants of Olembé immersed in the dark

Olembé is a big town in Yaounde where Cameroon's biggest stadium will be built for the 2019 CAN.

Olembe, the district of the first district of Yaounde, where Cameroon's biggest stadium will be built, which will be used for the 2019 CAN Total, is one of the places in the country where there are daily power cuts that last several hours.

Thousands of families are daily deprived of electricity in this part of Yaoundé, by cuts that last several hours or even days.

Many heads of families complain about these power cuts that damage their appliances and food reserves.

These power cuts that occur in the evening and last between 4 and 5 hours, disrupt night activities.

The owners of snacks bar, evening braisers and other small hustlers are the first victims of these power cuts.

Holidaymakers are also paying a heavy price for these blackouts.

No authority explains these recurring cuts in a flagship area of ​​the CAN Total Cameroun 2019 site.