Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Cameroon-presidential 2018: Garga Haman Adji Hunt A Journalist From The "Grand Debate 100% Presidential" Platform On The Crtv

Garga Haman Adji

237News | Strange scene on the Crtv this Tuesday night. Journalist Cathy Toulou Elanga at the request of Gagra Haman Adji, left the plateau of the "Grand Debate 100% Presidential"

The journalist has not been able to support the incredible behavior of Garga Haman Adji globally, National President of the ADD (Alliance for Democracy and Development) and candidate for the presidential election scheduled for October 07

Cathy Toulou Elanga, during the show was to present a section called "FOLLOWERS", devoted to the reaction of Internet users on the news of the presidential election.

Garga Haman Adji canceled this column saying that the journalist did not belong on the set. Because he says "she does not represent any political party"

The journalist moderator of the debate finally complied with the injunctions of the politician who threatened to leave the show if the word was given to Cathy Toulou Elanga. This is how Aimé Robert Bihina simply asked his young sister to leave the plateau.

It is reported that access to the set was also banned for SVP Vice President Sam Mbaka, who was already in the corridors of publicly-owned media headquarters.