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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Cameroon: Paul Biya Appoints Campaign Director

Candidate for his own succession for the presidential next October 7, President Paul Biya has named Samuel Mvondo Ayolo as his campaign manager. The information was given by the Letter of the Continent.

While all eyes were on the Secretary General of the Presidency, Ferdinand NGOH NGOH, he surprises more than one by appointing his Cabinet Director.

Former ambassador of Cameroon in France, he arrived in Etoudi thanks to the ministerial reshuffle of March 2, 2018, replacing Martin Belinga Eboutou.

In the seraglios, he murmured that Samuel Mvondo was a very close and faithful ally of President Paul Biya.

Aged 61, Samuel Ayolo Mvondo is a native of Sangmélima in southern Cameroon. He is the son of Mr. Ayolo, a rich cocoa trader.