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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Cameroon - Opinion: Sam Baka If I Am Invited Again On The Crtv, I Will Think A Lot

237 news | Sam Baka, the vice president of the Democratic Union of Cameroon (UDC), is not enthusiastic about another invitation on a set of the CRTV, the public television, especially after his aborted trip to the '100% Presidential' broadcast.

"If we come again to invite me on the Crtv, I will think a lot. In any case, I am not the only activist of the SVP. Others may intervene, "Sam Baka told, in a tone devoid of emotion.

Two days earlier, however, Sam Baka had gone to the headquarters of the TV Crtv in Yaounde, invited by the news media of this media. He was called to defend the socio-political projects that his party intends to implement through his presidential candidate, Adamou Ndam Njoya. He was to face the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Cameroon Rally of People (DPRK) Jacques Fame Ndongo, the candidate of the Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD), Garga Haman Adji, and the Mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema.

"I left Douala 72 hours before the show and I arrived in Yaoundé. The presenter has called me several times to find out if everything is fine, if I do not encounter any difficulty. The day I was the first guest to arrive at the recording studio. The others also arrived and we were all seated in the waiting room. There, we all exchanged a few words in serenity. Then we were invited to go to the makeup booth. The presenter was the first to pass, then me and the Mayor of Buea. The other two guests did not come for makeup, "said Sam Baka.

"We settled on the set and we were still waiting for Jacques Fame Ndongo and Garga Haman Adji who remained invisible. Then there were consultations, people followed each other to talk to the presenter's ear and it never stopped. Then someone came closer to me and whispered in my ear that the information director wanted to talk to me. I went out and went to his office. She then took me to the Director General's office, saying that he wants to see me. I retorted that it is bad because the show is about to start. So they explained to me that I could not go because the plateau was going to be saturated. They gave me a lot of reasons. When I went down a few minutes later, the show was launched. I understood that the goal was to get out of my chair, "says the politician.

The rest of the story is known. She has also fed the debate on social networks on Wednesday. All the more so, that an additional scandal took place during this first edition of "100% presidential", that of the expulsion of the journalist Cathy Toulou Elanga of the plateau, following a requirement of Garga Haman Adji.

But for the SVP, it's another feeling that reigns. "We feel muzzled because we are preparing to participate in a contradictory debate. And there, we were prevented from doing so, "regrets Sam Baka.