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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Cameroon: Open letter to Joseph Fouda, the man holding Biya's briefcase

In our traditions, dirty clothes are said to wash with the family. Now the dirty linen of the Mefou-Akono you are from like me, wash in the muddy waters of Camwater and spread on the podium of organized crime.

When we look at the new stars of the Oscar season at Yaounde Central Prison who have just joined the top of the poster of the high-flying Atangana Mebara former secretary-general to the presidency of the Republic, we find Basile Atangana Kouna , Willian Sollo, Dieudonne Oyono, Augustin Mboudou, Serge Raffic, etc.

One would think that the nationals of Mefou-Akono all come from a delinquent home. However, Marie Thérèse Ondoa Minister for the Promotion of Women, Gaston Eloundou Essomba Minister of Water and Energy, are in the government thanks to you, special adviser and man of confidence of Paul Biya. Is it a hazardous destiny that in a large department like the Mefou-Akono, that all the ministers come from your only family Mvog Fouda?

On March 11, 2011, Paul Biya promoted you to General and appointed you to the position of Special Advisor on December 9, 2011. It is you who wears his money briefcase when he moves. It's only you who blow in his ear and walk beside him. It's also you who trigger the steamroller to crush anyone. And it is through you that your friend Laurent Esso passes to settle the accounts to his rivals to the succession of the sovereign that you serve.

Dressed often in white and sometimes wearing gloves, you have triggered the arrests of unsettled Cameroonian Water while you and Laurent Esso are shareholders behind the screen of smoke that has swallowed mountains of billions. Now, Paul Biya has asked the court to postpone the arrests, since investigations reveal that you are drenched in the mud of this mafia CDE with Justice Minister Laurent Esso and former Prime Minister Peter Mafany Mussongue. This is what is serious: you have cast stigma on the elites of your department, while communicating with the crocodiles of the swamps of the regime, and presenting your family Mvog Fouda as the moon.

Mr. Rear Admiral, as a trained sailor, you know that big fish eat small fish. And you're used to it in your government aquarium. However, you have not learned the lesson of the death of your son Willian Fouda who was murdered by other big fish who blame you for your white-stitched tricks. On April 3, 2015, the body of your eldest son Willian Fouda was discovered on the rails with his hands and ears slashed. One of his feet was cut.

There was no blood where the body lay, which means that he was murdered elsewhere by professionals who came to swing the body there. So it was a body regulation to hurt you, since your son had no enemy who wanted his life. But you, a senior officer in your state, had two 21-year-olds and 22-year-olds arrested for the crime. And until today, they are in jail, without judgment, on? high recommendation of the special adviser of the Head of State and Rear-Admiral ?.

On the night of his assassination, your son Willian was at Leslie's, one of his mistresses in the Nkoldongo neighborhood. And it was himself who had appealed to his friend for 11 years, Paul Eddy Tsoungui and his brother Melchior Boittiaux Manga. The two young men went home to sleep and your son headed to his house to join his wife.

For what interest could these young people who had neither weapons nor means murder their friend and benefactor whom they considered their 8-year-old grandson? Why did not they run away and leave home after the crime? Were they able to attack Willian Fouda, anti-terrorist commando of the Mobile Intervention Battalion, responsible for the security of the head of state?

Your son was sacrificed according to a satanic ritual whose symbols you are perfectly familiar with. But to unravel stories of secrets alcoves of your entourage, you have pointed the headlights on two children of others who do not have the blood in the hands. They were tortured and locked up in the dark for a month in the basement of the gendarmerie. They were handcuffed and carried heavy chains with padlocks on their feet. They did all the needs on the spot and slept in the middle of excrement on the ground, without mattress, nor cloths. Your torturers pulled their testicles and buried their fingers in their buttocks.

For three years, they are without judgment on high recommendation of your friend Laurent Esso. For two years, Paul Eddy Tsoungui suffers from heart disease while his brother Melchior Manga Boittiaux has lost his hearing. But you all-powerful, have decided that they will come out of there only dead.

But the evil that you, General Rear Admiral Marshal, do to some innocents from the top of your platform untouchable, always risk falling on your children, nephews of the family Mvog Fouda. As the Scriptures say I Kings, chapter 12, verse 2:? if my father has imposed on you a heavy yoke, I will add to it again. If he chastised you with whips, will I chastise you with scorpions?

Reporter: Remy Ngono