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Friday, August 24, 2018

Cameroon: Indonesia Partners with Cameroon for development in Douala

According to Cameroon Tribune of Friday, August 17, 2018, it was therefore a question of presenting the business opportunities offered by this B2B international trade show (business-to-business) in particular, and Indonesia in general, for the Cameroonian economic actors. And Bagus Wicaksena, the director of the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Lagos, is counting on two factors to encourage operators in the national triangle to go to their Indonesian counterparts: competitive prices and products that meet international standards.

The TEI 2018 will be an opportunity for the Cameroonian delegation to have direct exchanges with Indonesian suppliers. Through a series of activities: exhibition; forum on trade, tourism and investment; business twinning; regional discussion; talk shows ...

And according to Raoul Ruben Njionou, honorary consul of the Republic of Indonesia in Cameroon, these exchanges have a double advantage for the businessmen of Africa in miniature. First, see what opportunities are available to them in the Indonesian market. A huge market for a state with 261.1 million inhabitants, more than ten times the Cameroonian population.

In this regard, Simon Tumanggor, deputy director of ITPC Lagos, poses the most pressing needs of his country: " We need your cotton and your cocoa ". Moreover, in 2017, Indonesia imported Cameroonian cocoa for 3 million dollars, about 1.5 billion FCFA.

The other advantage of the TEI is the experience that Cameroonian operators will be able to acquire from their counterparts, citizens of the world's largest producer of palm oil. Experience in various sectors: agriculture, pharmaceutical industry, textile, new technologies, infrastructure, tourism, etc.

With a rate of 0.01%, the volume of trade between Indonesia and Cameroon is almost non-existent. The second state is ranked 112th in the international trade of the first. A gap to fill and an infinite field of possibilities therefore, that the Asian Tiger, member of the NPE (New Exporting Countries), intends to explore.