Saturday, August 4, 2018


Martin Camus Mimb attacks with extreme force the Net surfers who according to him, saw the evil come, but did not do anything. The journalist seems to say that the death alert of the Cameroonian artist Clarisse Valérie had long been launched, but the "irresponsible" netizens refused to look in the face. On the contrary, he says "They (Internet users Ed) had fun with her like a doll ... Publish his videos and laugh out loud" offers below its entire reation

They had fun with her like a doll ... Publish her videos and laugh out loud ... They abused her weakness.

His friends who knew the bubbly artist with extravagant outfits, who surely knew that a spring had broken. The radio and TV presenters she was watering in her period of fat cows for her many TV shows. You are all irresponsible.

His delusions on social networks were a serious warning that you refused to face. On the contrary, you have formed with the colony of irresponsible Internet users, an army of laughs and voyeurs ... who just stick RIP and ads on Facebook.

Keep laughing at other people's delusions, insulting, making clashes and silly videos to accompany them with your euthanastic behaviors to the edge of the grave. These are murders you perpetrate with cybernetic weapons. I refuse to talk about his "relatives".

I refuse to talk about those who claim their family. And who like strangers, took pleasure in contemplating this cybernetic mop.

You are accomplices. Now that you have all accompanied her unworthily until she disappears, let her at least rest ... keep your videos reminding of her delusions, respect her memory.

While waiting to find work in a next digital delirium, another candidate declared for the election to the burial that you will accompany with your usual procession of delusions on social networks.

Goodbye arti ste!