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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Buea Mayor threatens to shut down Muea Market over unpaid Council taxes

The Mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema Esunge, has threatened to shut down the Muea Market if traders continue to refuse to pay taxes to the Council.

Mayor Ekema made the declaration on Friday, August 24, 2018; during a press conference to kick start the back to school campaign.

This decision by the Mayor to close down the Muea Market was necessitated by the fact that the Council has limited funds to fully engage in the back to school campaign because of traders and shop owners’ refusal to pay taxes and other dues to the Council.

Disturbed by the non-payment of Council dues by traders, the Mayor stated that the best option is to close down the market for three months.

“Those traders are joking with me. I will close down that market for three months and we shall see who will suffer. How can they refuse to pay Council dues of only FCFA 100 and chased away the Market Master and other dues collectors?” the Mayor questioned.

“The traders rather prefer to give FCFA 1000 to those marquisats, who called themselves Ambazonia freedom fighters rather than paying FCFA 100 to Council dues collectors.”

Mayor Ekema insisted that he will personally visit the Muea Market on Sunday, August 26, 2018.

“We have got information from the security forces and market officials that these marquisats are invited to the market by these traders and they exchange money with them with the hope of preventing any attack on the market or at their private residents. Come Sunday, I will personally go to Muea Market to ensure that the market stands tall in the hands of the Council,” the Mayor added.

The Mayor added that the Council solely depends on taxes to sustain it activities, but that for over a year now, shop owners and traders have refused to pay their taxes under the pretext that the turnover has been very slow because of the prevailing socio-economic situation.

He said many people intimidate and threaten Council field workers, who go out to collect taxes.

It should be stressed here that the Muea Market Master is on the run because of threats on his life by traders, who are against the payment of taxes.

Source: natimes