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Monday, August 27, 2018

Boumnyebel: the journalist Idriss Lissom swindled and abused by gendarmes

The information that has come to the editorial team of CameroonWeb reports an attempt to scam and violent attack on a journalist of the Daily Economy.

Indeed, according to our source, Idriss Lissom, journalist of the Daily of the economy, abused by gendarmes Boumnyebel this morning, while returning from Eseka. Our colleague and comrade Snjc, strongly opposed an attempt to scam passengers who were in the same vehicle as him, at a checkpoint, a gendarme.

Dissatisfied with this reaction, the gendarme, whose identity we do not yet have, violently attacked Idriss Lissom, punching and crushing him. at the same time his glasses. And as if that were not enough, this policeman, with the support of his colleagues, confiscated the CNI and the mobile phone of our colleague. According to the latest information, he is currently detained in the Boumnyebel Brigade.The BEN is asked to take up this case.