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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Benoit Ndong Soumhet discomfort as he kicks off Chantal Biya Super Cup final

Cin | Benoit Ndong Soumhet is not going to stop fueling the controversy anytime soon. After making headlines with his controversial performance in a duel against the candidate UNIVERS in the presidential election of October 7, Cabral Libii, on the set of "100% Presidential" broadcast on Tuesday, August 22, 2018 on state television, the member of the CPDM Central Committee, the ruling political party, is despite himself, returned to the forefront of the news this Saturday, August 25, 2018, afternoon.

In front of a crowd of big days at the Mvomeka'a Paul Biya Sports Complex stadium, Benoit Ndong Soumhet suffered a malaise as he kicked off the men's Super Cup final Chantal Biya .

"When he was shooting the ball, he twisted his ankle and collapsed. He was almost standing up after a broken patella. Panic went through all the assistance. He was taken to a hospital. But before the end of the event, the organizers were anxious to reassure everyone by announcing that the doctors at his bedside said he was out of danger, "explains, one of the personalities invited to this event.

State Secretary at the Ministry of Basic Education, Benoit Ndong Soumhet represented Mvomeka'a, the Secretary General of the CPDM Central Committee. Kalkaba Malboum, president of the National Olympic and Sports Committee of Cameroon and Rigobert Song Bahanag, former captain of the Indomitable Lions, were the great figures of the Cameroonian sport who also made the trip.

On the field, the tournaments that ended with the ceremonies of Etoile FC of Mengom in the ladies and Roitelet of Nkong-Mekak, at the gentlemen's, constituted a pretext for the promotion of the policy of the Renewal and the candidacy of the Head of State Paul Biya, native of Mvomeka'a and candidate for his own succession in the presidential election of October 07, 2018