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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Beneficial Life Insurance Introduces Young People To Career Choices And Leadership

This is the subject of a seminar held last Saturday in Yaoundé, the political capital of Cameroon where, as part of the 2nd Edition of its concept called the School Education Plan (CEP), young people aged 15 to 19, were able to drink from the experience of 10 Success stories. Which models of success motivated participants to nurture a lucrative career perspective.

In addition to its established reputation of being the only insurance company in Cameroon that Assure and Assume, Beneficial Life Insurance asserts itself in the vocational guidance of young people. Among the thousands of avenues that lead to employability, the Insurer wants to provide young people with tools, so that they not only make wise choices but become leaders in their respective fields.

A avant-garde theme

"Career Choices: Orientation and Perspective". Here is a decline, the theme that served as the theme for the seminar held on August 18, 2018 in Yaoundé, for students aged between 15 and 19 years. Also, for Beneficial Life Insurance, it was a question of making young people aware of the importance of education in the face of globalization; identify the main career profiles and opportunities; focus on obstacles encountered, and propose solutions that will make seminarians, entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow.

Illustrious scientists and executives of Beneficial Life Insurance who have assembled the panel of speakers, the young seminarians will learn that "to be a leader, you have to be trained. Master the standards of the chosen career. To know the difficulties, to know how to go forward ". Faced with the importance and enthusiasm of seminarians to drink from the experiences of those who have succeeded in entrepreneurship and leadership, Mercy Bih Angu, the Deputy Director of Finance at Beneficial Life Insurance, discussed the possibility of the next seminar on the concept of School Education Plan (CEP), to stand in the northern part of Cameroon. "The goal for us is that in the four corners of the country, young people who benefit from support for school fees through Beneficial Life Insurance's parent clients will be introduced to the lucrative career choices," she says. .

Beneficial Life Insurance or Incarnated Social Responsibility

Remember that the School Education Plan (CEP), a product of Beneficial Life Insurance, covers Education Insurance. Also, under this contract, the Insurer who Assure and Rassure, it allocates annually, a percentage of money whose goal is to support its customers in the schooling of children. Concretely, at the beginning of the school year, the Beneficial Life Group gives checks to parents. The year 2018 is no exception. The Insurer took the opportunity to educate and educate children on different career opportunities available to them. Many more, including laptops, were offered to some participants.

Beneficial Life Insurance also took advantage of the Yaoundé seminar, inviting its clients to insure all their children.

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