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Thursday, August 23, 2018


English-speaking lawyers in Cameroon demand the release of magistrate Mukete Tahle Itoe. They condemned the arrest of the senior official of the Justice Department of North West Cameroon.

The president of the High Court of Menchum and the Wum trial courts is currently being held incommunicado for the second day in captivity.

Judge Mukete Tahle Itoe, former president of the Boyo High Court and Fundong courts of first instance, was arrested Tuesday night near Menchum Fall by gunmen on their way home from Bamenda.

Neither the government nor the rebels made a statement about the kidnapping of this magistrate.

Last month, precisely on Tuesday, July 31, 2018, still around the same district, Adamu Linus, president of the Court II and vice-president of the High Court of Menchum and the courts of first instance of Wum, was also attacked by armed men. Broken windshield he only escaped from death,

Basing their arguments on the fact that the courts in the English-speaking areas literally gave birth to the peaceful movement that turned into an armed conflict, the lawyers said they were worried about the attacks on the magistrates, especially the English-speaking magistrates. They firmly called for Justice Mukete's release, adding that it is the most noble thing to do in these circumstances.