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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Anglophone General Conference: "It's about reinforced policing" Says Joseph Vincent Ntuda Ebodé

237news | This is one of the prerequisites posed by the proponents of the project to organize an "English General Conference" with a view to bringing peace to the regions of the North-West and South-West and which they have planned for on August 29 and 30 in the city of Buea: the deposit of weapons by the defense and security forces and terrorists.

Clearly, it is asked a republican army to stop performing its sovereign missions: the protection of institutions, people and property and the defense of the territorial integrity of Cameroon. As recalled by the Minister of Communication, Government spokesman, Issa Bakary Tchiroma in these columns last Monday, "without the presence of these forces, these terrorists have destroyed everything, have hoisted their flag wherever they would suit ".

If we judge today by the number of schools burned, public and private buildings destroyed, the many other abuses that live the peaceful populations of the Northwest and South West, we can agree with the Prof. Joseph Vincent Ntuda Ebode that this is a request that goes wrong, because it is impossible to put on the same plane a republican army and armed bands whose object is the partition of Cameroon

Joseph Vincent Ntuda Ebodé: "This is a reinforced policing"
Professor, what do you read the proposal of religious who specifically ask the government to cease all military operations for the holding of the proposed conference?

This statement by some of the spiritual guides gathered around His Eminence Tumi inspires me with a double religious and political reading. First of all, from the religious point of view and taking into account the role played by this sector of civil society in the radicalization of the movement at the beginning, there is no doubt that we are witnessing for some members of this group least, to a form of remorse for having erred on the true identity of the groups for which we had a certain identity sympathy. Or else, the anxiety of losing control of groups that were believed to be permanently in control. It is therefore from this point of view of an attempt to regain control. Hence, the idea of ​​sustained recovery by good numbers in social media as a personal equation. A second reading would start from the political posture. The fear of a confrontation between linguistic communities on the one hand and that of a firmness of the public authorities which would lead to a crushing and the eradication of the armed groups on the other hand, faced with the historical responsibility, would have pushed this group to this position.
But in one case as in the other, it is clear that those religious who have lost their objectivity at the beginning can not recover without flaw in the end. Hence, they tend to cut the pear in half; giving the impression that they do not support any side. Hence, the debate on the sincerity of their positions at this moment. In any case, the least that can be said is that this initiative, like those carried by lawyers and teachers, has a hidden agenda.

Is he responsible for putting the defense and security forces deployed by the state and armed gangs on the same pedestal?

In fact, they pretend to ignore that the monopoly of legitimate physical and moral violence belongs to the State that exercises it through the defense and security forces on the one hand and the judiciary and the judiciary administrative department. Moreover, they pretend to ignore that the security of property and persons is guaranteed by the State represented by a government administering a population established in a territory recognized by other States or international community. Therefore, placing the state on the same footing as armed groups, far from being only an irresponsibility, is, moreover, an insidious and implicit recognition of these groups and a rejection of the authority of the state. However, we know that this is the thesis defended by these armed groups. And from there to assert, as some argue that it is only a scientific coup d'etat, there is only one step to take.

In the current situation, can we reasonably give credit to those who believe that the Northwest and Southwest are highly militarized?
From a technical point of view, Cameroon is not at war in these two regions. It is a matter of reinforced policing, that is, substantial recourse to first and second category forces, supported from time to time by specialized units of the third category forces. . We can not therefore speak of excessive militarization, the objective not being war but the security of goods and people on the one hand, and the free movement of people on the other. On the other hand, the State would be constitutionally and legitimately founded to raise the forces of the third category, if it deems it necessary, since it is the unity of the country which is threatened by armed groups.

Collected by MESSI BALA

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