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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Anglophone General Conference: Dr Munzu Tricked Us, I am Withdrawing My Support- Eric Acha

Eric Acha reveals that he read Dr. Simon Munzu’s leaked letter to Mr. Biya.

Having read Dr. Simon Munzu’s leaked letter to Mr. Biya (especially the recommendations he made) and his ploy to use the planned AAC3 as a gateway to cement his relationship with the evil regime, I hereby publicly withdraw the little support I had for the conference. I had genuinely believed it was a forum for us sons and daughters of the Southern Cameroons to gather and discuss all the differences we have, with the hope of either agreeing to agree or agreeing to disagree on what we as a people want, and taking our recommendations back to our people for approval.

This belief was further strengthen by the interview His Eminence Christian Cardinal Tumi granted a few days ago, in which he clarified the intent of the conference.Unfortunately, the leaked letter to Biya from Dr. Munzu reveals Munzu had a contrary preconceived agenda and some strange belief that Mr Biya can still be trusted to single-handedly resolve this conflict to the satisfaction of everyone, in the absence of other third parties. This is an illusion.

It is not only naive, but it also delineats Dr. Munzu is compleltely out of touch with the realities on the ground and therefore can not be entrusted with the responsibility to speak for the people, not even for “the moderates”.

To think Biya, who has shown so much disdain and a lack of interest in resolving this conflict will suddenly turn around by the read of a letter and act otherwise is a gross misjudgement on his part, and a complete lack of understanding of who Biya is.

Furthermore, with some of the language used in the leaked letter, it is now evidently clear that no effort whatsoever was made to consult with all other stake holders in this conflict, prior to announcing the conference date, another gross mistake on their part.

With this note, I am therefore withdrawing any previous statement or position that could have suggested I was in support of the August Anglophone General Conference (AGC).

I do however, still strongly hold tight to the belief that a broard-base inclusive All Anglophone Conference is needed to discuss our diverse opinions and positions on the current conflict and to chart a way forward.

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Let me also take this opportunity to plead with some of our brothers to tone down the rhetorics. People should not be bullied or intimidated into submission for what they do not agree or believe in.

Let there be a freedom of choice and when conditions will permit, all sons and daughters of the Southern Cameroons (and those who have acquired such status through their duration of settlement on the territory) shall determine their destiny through a well organised process supervised by trusted third parties.
Until such time, aluta continua!
E. Acha

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