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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Anglophone Crisis: "Secessionists Can Not Scare Me. I Am Waiting For Them, I Will Be The Last Person To Leave The City Of Buea" Says Patrice Ekema Mayor Of Buea

237news | Patrice Ekama Mayor of Buea, capital city of the Fako department, South West region is determined to face the English "separatists". The Mayor reiterated it in a brief interview with Radio France International (RFI)

"We can not be in a legal republic with guerrillas hiding in the bush give orders ... and these orders, people take them seriously, ignoring the republican institutions. So we must do everything to keep the state standing. We must channel all our energies, channel all our efforts, to overcome this spirit of fear, which is increasing in the population through the media, "told RFI the chief magistrate of the city of Buea

The mayor who is credited with having freed some Bakweri leaders kidnapped by secessionists, had last July 31 conducted a peaceful march from the place of independence of Buea to the office of the governor of the region. South West.

The purpose of the march was to denounce the abuses and kidnappings perpetrated by the secessionists, but especially disavowed the general English conference convened in Buea from 29 to 30 August 2018 by some religious including Cardinal Christian Tumi

Revered brave and very hostile to the secessionists the mayor of Buea had said during this market "I am a man and therefore I must act as a man. A man can not scare me. Never, never in my life. So I do not know what's called target. If someone targets me, I target them so we target ourselves. As in the office, as in residence and as in social life, I wait for them. I will be the last person to leave the city".