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Friday, August 24, 2018

An Ivorian Comedian, Visiting Yaoundé Speaks Out On Anglophone Crisis

You were on stage on the occasion of the 22nd edition of the Nuit des imitateurs. What is the message you wanted to convey to the audience tonight through your performance?

We must recognize that the public is fantastic because it has been receptive to everything. In any show, the quality of the audience is not measured at the level of density but rather at the receptive level. He was attentive and reacting in a timely manner. If the room is full and nobody reacts, I assure you that you largely miss the show. The room was not full but I liked the audience. I live in the low mass in Abidjan. There are new facts every day. Just take a fact lived and try to dress in our own way to give it body.

The match of laughter between Ivory Coast and Cameroon was bitterly discussed on the scene with regard to the performances of comedians. What appreciation do you make of Cameroonian humor?

It's the Cameroonian humor that has inspired us all since the time of Jean Miché Kankan. We were all followers of him. Our way of immortalizing it was to practice this profession. Cameroonian humor is one of the best selling in Africa. If you look at the parliament of laughter, the Cameroonian humor is the share of the Lion. The last edition we had to do, there were more Cameroonian comedians. People were surprised to see so many Cameroonian comedians. This can be justified by the fact that they work every day to always be at the top. I invite them to work harder and not to rest on their laurels. In this business, we work every day. I, who have been in this sector since 1985, work tirelessly. I do research and my curiosity leads me to ask questions. I'm trying to document myself. We must follow the game of others to advance too.

You arrive in a troubled context in Cameroon. This 22nd edition promotes living together. How can humor help to overcome this crisis in the North West and South West regions? 

We have experienced this situation in Côte d'Ivoire. It was more serious. What kept Côte d'Ivoire on its feet is humor. The sense of humor allowed the country to hold. We decided to laugh at all situations. A war situation, we make humor. This allowed the Ivorians to get together and go to peace, in the same direction and speak the same language for living together. Humor is a vector of forgiveness, acceptance of others and of living together. It is for this reason that we ask all Cameroonians to go to the shows, the theaters and even to attend concerts because we carry messages of gathering That's what you need to remember. I invite the Cameroonians not to fall into what is happening. There is still time to stop. We know when the war begins, but we do not know when it ends. We lived this in Ivory Coast. It's terrible. We can not wish that even to our worst enemy. Let us recover for the good of this country.

Is it peculiar for you to perform in Cameroon? 

Yes it's special for me to play in Cameroon to the extent that the Cameroonian public is fantastic. It is an audience that is close to my heart. It's not easy to tame this audience. It is always with equal pleasure to find myself in front of him. This audience is particular, he is connoisseur and does not like mediocrity. The Cameroonian public is demanding. Ivory Coast has rolled Cameroon on stage even if it is necessary to recognize an offside goal scored by Cameroon. The referee unfortunately granted this goal. But we will use video arbitration to see things more clearly. There is a tie tonight.

You have been making the African continent and the world laugh for over a decade on stages and through series and feature films in which you sometimes play the leading roles. How is laughter so important? 

Laughter is a therapy. He heals and distresses. You will go to all pharmacies, you will not see any medication for stress. If you are stressed, go to a comedy show. You will not be disappointed because this stress will disappear. Stress has negative effects on health. It causes heart problems, the Avc, etc. Someone who laughs a lot is healed twice. Seen in this light, laughter is very positive. Secondly, laughter is unifying. We laugh at the same place and stop laughing in the same place. With that, I advise all Cameroonians to go see the theater shows.