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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Ambazonia: Threat on the back to school: the successors of President Ayuk Tabe are finally pronounced!

Secretary of State for Communications Chris Anu, at a Facebook Live Show on Monday, August 27, 2018, provided further clarification on the resolution of the Washington Conference on School Renewal.

The Head of Communications at IG reiterated that leaders never wanted to say that students should not be educated or stay home forever. In a statement that appears to offer concessions after consultations and opinions from various stakeholders in the country, the GI Communications Secretary said that parents are free to send their children to school where they want , that the parents make this decision. It should be noted that the Provisional Government and other front-line groups can not ensure the safety of children attending school or on campus.

The reason is that the Ambazonia G7 (IG, AGC, SCNC, SCYL, ROA, MORISC, Consortium) are now effectively leading the war of independence of Southern Cameroon. No area in southern Cameroon is totally under the control of the Ambazonia forces, the fighting is still very unstable and the IG is right to say that the government or the self-defense forces are well placed to provide protection and protection. security. , this position can not be assured now, so parents must decide wisely.

However, the director of IG Communications has made strong arguments for parents to continue to keep their students home for security reasons, even though Ambazonian's parents are now responsible for the decision.

In addition, the IG warned against the use or teaching of the French language in all areas of Ambazonia, even though schools are free to operate.

This new clarification has now officially made the decision to return to school in the hands of Ambazonian parents and officially closes the debate on school recovery.

It remains to be seen how effective this academic recovery is. BaretaNews notes that schools have resumed in Ambazonia the last school year in safer but shallower areas. Statistics indicate that the last school year has recovered to only 12% throughout southern Cameroon. As the increase in self-defense operations and the increasing number of localities deemed safe during the last school year are increasingly dangerous, the effectiveness of the resumption of studies remains to be seen. Ambazonian parents now have the knife and the yam but safety must be the priority.

Source: BaretaNews