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Monday, August 27, 2018

Ambazonia: shock revelations of a deserter soldier in a letter

A deserter soldier who was at the front decided to send a letter to his brothers in arms. A letter written by CamerounWeb. The man recounts the exactions of the army and the pangs of this war.

Below the full letter:

Hi comrades! Today, I resolved to give up my silence to give you the reasons for my desertion. We have all signed for honor and loyalty to our homeland. I can tell you that it is this honor and loyalty that guided my decision.

Since the beginning of this dirty war, we have only obeyed sheepish orders. "If you are asked to kill, then you kill," the instructors told Koutaba. And we ended up integrating this unhealthy and tortuous philosophy, this annihilating philosophy that makes us wild beasts tamed by a group of "rational" beings who use us to realize their paths and protect their power. We ended up believing that our role was to kill and that we were finally good. No!

Our role is not to kill, but to protect the integrity of our territory and the people who live by all means, including murder. That's what we did in the far north. This is what we were supposed to do in these two regions of our English-speaking West. But what did we do instead? Violent comrades of young civilian girls, pillaging families, executing men, setting fire to their homes, burning their grandparents, burning villages, torturing mothers of children in mud and mud, under direct orders superiors. Look, for those comrades who have gone north at least once, how many villages have we burned there?

How many civilians did we kill and how many women did we rape? These horrible massacres that we are executing are tinged with political calculations motivated by the selfishness and egocentrism of the small group that directs us. Why should we fire on fellow citizens who decide to invade the streets to show their anger, their outrage at the contempt of this government that privatizes their wealth? Why do we have to rape a poor student who decides to say no to university corruption? Why murder his father and burn his grandmother just because they tell you they do not know any terrorist? To motivate us in these drifts, they told us that lawyers, teachers, students were manipulated by oil-hungry Western countries. But dear comrades, wake up !! Where are the revenues from the exploitation of this oil for more than 20 years? And those of gas? President Paul Biya and his entourage did it. They do not report to anyone. Do you find normal that a head of state exploits on his behalf the riches of the subsoil of a region? And more without ever building schools, drinking water points?

Without offering employment to children in this region? There is no external manipulation. These people are fighting for their well-being, and for yours too. Look at you!! Look at your living conditions !! Your premiums are withheld by selfish and inhuman superiors, your equipment is defective. Your days you spend them in the mud, the cold, the vermin in permanent contact with blood and death, always death. How many of our comrades have fallen these days? And why? This war against civilians is a genocide. That's why I deserted! Because I understood that this war did not serve the integrity of our territory nor even protected the populations of terrorists. Orders are given to erase them from the map, their villages with. These people are not terrorists. In 2008, we were already killing nearly 200 Cameroonians because they dared to be indignant at the excessive increase in food prices.

They were not terrorists either. It is thanks to this people that we eat in our families. It is with his money that this government buys the weapons with which we fight; So who are the real terrorists? People are being held hostage. Our task and release it. We have to act!

Comrades, we can stop this madness; if we are many; if the ministers, the generals, the military commissions, the prosecutors and the judges in the pay of the state can not scare us.

Refuse to become cannon fodder, do not agree to go humbly to the barracks to be killed or, worse yet, kill yourself. Do not participate any more in the military crimes of this regime: neither as executioners at the front nor, behind, as accomplices.

They can scare us, they can threaten us, they can violate laws and the Constitution, they can even put us in jail. But one thing they can never do is force us to serve them and become their accomplices. Their famous "strength" comes from our uncertainty, our fear, our indifference. We are stronger than they because they need us to exist. Agree to react and act for the people. These are the people who matter. Do like me, desert! And we are going together to form a block to fight these terrorists in trials that mistreat people.