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Monday, August 27, 2018

Akéré Muna and Maurice Kamto are fabrications of Paul Biya, says Ndifor Afanwi Franklin Election

Invested by Cameroon's National Citizen Movement (Ncnc), Ndifor Afanwi Franklin, the 38-year-old "prophet" believes hard that it is time to create a new leadership in the English-speaking part of the country to wring the necks of those politicians who are burrowing on the backs of those who elected them.

You say you have received a divine call for this presidential mission to which you aspire. Can you share with us this experience?

As many Cameroonians know, I am a servant of God. I do it by vocation, following a call from Our Heavenly Father. His ways are unfathomable until He shows it to you. The least I can say is that He has shown it to me recently, regarding the future of our country. Unlike men, God is sensitive to our misfortunes. He is always trying to find solutions. He therefore chose me to relieve the suffering of our people. I know that He will give me the means and the strength to accomplish this heavy mission. He is my strength.

Do not you think that being carried by a so-called revival church compromises your chances of being favored by votes?

The world is divided into those who believe and those who do not believe. For us believers, we are all children of the Father. We all live in His house, though in different rooms. Even those who do not believe in Him are His children, because in His infinite goodness He does not abandon anyone, and I am sure that He will associate all His children, whether believers or not, with the struggle.

That said, I do not plan to create a theocratic regime in Cameroon. Our country is secular, and I am a convinced legalist. I intend to create a new Cameroon for all the sons of this country, be they Muslims, voodoo, animists or Christians like me. The objective is to apply our political program which has nothing to do with religion, even if it is inspired by God, the fear of His Holy Name and the respect of his values.

Do you really believe that God will transmit you the destiny of Cameroon at the evening of October 7, 2018?

It's up to me to be worthy of His trust. He entrusted me with this exhilarating mission. I will work to fulfill it. God does not promise in vain, and always keeps his promises. Moreover, He gives no one a burden that exceeds him. I count on all Cameroonians to help me. I rely especially on seniors like the Honorable Monthé to share their experience.

I am not one of those who say they want to drive the old people out of the village. In this respect, I, Paul Biya, will have nothing to fear. I come from a corner where we have only respect for seniors. I will not hesitate to consult this patriarch if need be.

Your policy is summed up in a "profound transformation of Cameroon for the well being of Cameroonians". Can we have a global idea of ​​your political program?

I must first remind that my candidacy is carried by the Cameroonian National Citizen Movement (MCNC) whose president is the Honorable Monthé Nkouobité Jean, former deputy of the nation. It is a party of social-liberal essence. We have a government agreement on this basis, which can be summed up in three points: an effective school to train the human resource necessary for the development of our country; a well-functioning health system accessible to all to keep our populations in a good state of productivity; and finally, flexicurity in the work sector.

What do you put in the term "truth" that you mean to bring as a miracle cure for the change of Cameroon?

In this term, we must see the will to say things as they are. When things do not work, you have to have the courage to say it. It is a truism to say that Cameroon is bad. The situation must be remedied. That's what we intend to do. The truth is also to recognize the little that is well done. The world is not Manichean. President Paul Biya did what he could, to his credit. Only, we want to go further, faster, to make up for the delay of the inertia that he himself has recognized for his regime. We do not build anything solid in lie.

It is less of a feat than a surrender of our country on the right path. Cameroonians under the old regime were more respectful of the public good. This means that they are not fundamentally dishonest. It is said that the occasion makes the thief. Bad practices gradually took hold, as the current system softened. The Cameroonian whose creativity is known, has accommodated all this and has benefited. This must stop! We intend to give back to the state its authority, refusing any compromise and compromise with everything that violates the law.

In short, it's zero tolerance to any deviation from the law. That's possible, and our program gives the details. For example: we intend to bring together in one body all the anti-fraud agencies; we are considering the creation of an elite corps of the police, like the American FBI. However, I want to make it clear that the penalty is both positive and negative. All who defraud will be punished; on the other hand, those who work well will be rewarded. They will have facilities to live well and will no longer need to defraud.

You are not the only candidate of the opposition. There are many others, including Maurice Kamto of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (Mrc) and Akere Muna of the Platform for a New Republic. In a single-round election, are you not dispersing the voices of the opposition?

It all depends on what you put in the term "opposition". Unlike most observers, I think there are two camps in this election. You first have the camp of the system which includes all these former great state clerks. They are made by the system they have served for a long time, and they continue to enjoy. You always have employees and system partners among them. One is the heir to an apparatchik of the system. His father is one of the architects of the situation we live in the two regions in crisis. These, it is nearly thirty years since they pretend to fight against their parent. They will spend a hundred years, the result will be the same.

And if one of them accidentally overthrows Biya, the system would change its pace, but remain the same, that is, neocolonial. This is simply not possible because these system creatures can not afford to hunt it. They are soaked, and the diet holds them. In the second group, to which I belong, there are new men; those who have not left tied with the system. So we are the anti system candidates. I am not hostage to political fashion or public opinion, for which I have great respect, however.

Why do you accuse politicians of being responsible for the current situation in Cameroon?

They are in charge of the management of the country and therefore, are accountable for their management. Neither you nor I manage any part of the public power. Note that the evil of this country is in the public service, the one in charge of public goods. We sank in the Republic of the civil servants, with its through. I'm not saying that all officials are corrupt, but the whole system is corrupt.

His boss Paul Biya has recognized him more than once. However, we must ask ourselves how we got there. The fact is that among the servants of the State, there are the political officials who are mostly in the prefecture. Their role is to keep the system in place. There are also the administrative officials who make up the bulk of the troops, and whose role is non-partisan public service.

So the fact that they turn into politicians is the cause of the dysfunction of the system. Many realized that by hiding in the CPDM, they could violate the law with impunity. We intend to stop it. The employee of the state, if he is not the prefect (and again!), Must be neutral and impartial.

We intend to build a truly impartial state, serving all, not just a few. For that, we will fight against the patrimonialization of the State. For example, an official will not even be allowed to carry his family in his company car because he is the civil servant, not his wife and children. We will give them the means to afford a personal car, given their performance, and the positive sanction mentioned above.

What do you say to those who think that your English-speaking background is an appropriate transmission belt to bring the English-speaking and the French-speaking part of the country into phase?

I define myself first as Cameroonian, even if I do not deny the story that put English in my mouth. I express myself perfectly in my mother tongue, just as I do in French. I know the customs of my ancestors, even if I do not apply them all.

Moreover, I have just been invested by a party based in Bafang in the majority French-speaking part. I thank in passing these brave fellow citizens who put Cameroon's interest above their own. The fact is that the majority English-speaking part of our country is actually experiencing a leadership crisis. Some of our former politicians, including the father of one of the candidates, preferred the gold of power to the welfare of the greatest number.

After them, the politicians of the 90s succumbed in turn to the charms of the interested and personal power. For its part, the regime has weakened the traditional chiefs and especially the intermediary bodies that are trade unions and other NGOs. As a result, in the face of a major crisis, the people no longer have spokespersons. So we need to create a new leadership not only in the English-speaking part, but in the whole of Cameroon, because the politicians get bogged down quickly and forget who voted them.

How did the National Citizens Movement of Cameroon (Mcnc) appreciate the latest statistics published by Elecam concerning the evolution of registrations on the electoral register?

Let's say the truth. The numbers have not increased much. Someone said he would get 11 million voters. We find that we are far from the point. This is not surprising, because he is a player in the system, as I said earlier. These are big announcements that serve to lull the masses to sleep. At MCNC and CPNP, which is my original training, we believe that we need to train Cameroonians in politics.

You see, the Ahidjo regime has depoliticized Cameroonians. Paul Biya's has disgusted them. It is therefore necessary to repolitise them, to arm them so that they can truly change their country. Because Cameroon is the only person who will change Cameroon, and real change, sustainable change, I am sure, will come from the bottom. It is therefore necessary to repolitise and re-motivate the database.