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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Adamaoua: Muslim traditional leaders promise 100% to Paul Biya

These traditional Muslim leaders promised to reiterate their attachment to Paul Biya and his policy last Monday during a meeting with the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, in Ngaoundere.

"Today the Head of State said yes, we are grateful to him and the ball is in our court now. We wait for the day to show our attachment to his person and his policy. Our people would not understand that traditional leaders are not in the vanguard of this challenge to vote the Head of State more than in the past to 100%. In addition to this choice of the heart and the reason, it is a challenge, "said the spokesman of Lamibé Adamaoua Mohaman Galdo.

After this statement, reports Cameroon Tribune of Wednesday, August 29, 2018, Paul Atanga Nji promised to convey their political commitment to his illustrious recipient. Prior to the meeting with traditional Muslim leaders in the Adamaoua region, the Minister of Territorial Administration chaired a meeting to assess the security situation in the Governor's Conference Room.

The minister told the press that he had conveyed to the administrative authorities and the defense and security forces the encouragement of the Head of State for "the good work" done by the administrative authorities and for the "professionalism" of the forces. defense and security.

Speaking of the abuses of road-cutters and ransom-takers in the area, Paul Atanga Nji said, "the effectiveness of our defense forces has been able to neutralize the perpetrators in a surgical way because the Most of the time, the population is protected and the hostage-takers are neutralized in damages. "

On the organization of the presidential election of October 7, "the authorities will have to accompany Elecam in the process. They must protect the polling stations, ensure the security of the electoral material as well as that of all the dismemberments of Elecam, because the presidential election must be held in a calm atmosphere according to the wish of the president of the Republic, "the minister said. Territorial Administration.