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Thursday, August 23, 2018

About 30 Well Armed Amba Boys Attacked Zhoa In Wum Today

Divisional Officer's home, vehicle and Gerdamerie Brigade Post all burned down. One Genderme killed, 47 wounded and Deceased flown by helicopter to Bamenda.

About thirty (30) well armed Amba boys reportedly attacked Zhoa in Wum today leaving behind fourthy-seven (47) wounded and one dead.

The deceased is identified as Dick Yang of 53rd motorised infantry Gerdamerie, he died on the spot.

Security source says during the attack Divisional Officer's home and his vehicle both burned down while the Gerdamerie Brigade Post also set ablaze.

The Deceased and all the fourthy-seven (47) wounded soldiers were transported back to Bamenda by helicopter.

Updates shortly...