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Sunday, August 26, 2018

A Real Conspiracy Against The Head Of State, Says Pascal Messanga Nyamding During 100& Presidential Debate Organized By The CRTV

Pascal Charlemagne Messanga Nyamding has not failed to deny the program "100% presidential" organized by the national television Crtv. The biyaist and militant of the first hour was unleashed in the columns of the newspaper Mutations, published this Thursday, August 23, 2018. The academic member of the central committee of the RDPC finds that the program debate organized by the Crtv to give the speech to the various candidates of the presidential election of October 7th is nothing other than a "plot against the head of state"

Find below the full interview given by Messanga Nyamding to our colleagues in Mutations

You seem to argue that the "100% Presidential" broadcast on the Crtv, as it is designed, would hide a plot against Paul Biya. Why ?

Some want to expose the president during this campaign. And we have to stop that right now. Remember during the first debate, Minister Garga Haman Adji said he tolerated Fame Ndongo, who is not a candidate. He spoke well of tolerance, it was a first sign. If I come out of my gongs, it's because I thought they would strategically and positively pull the lessons of this truth from Garga Haman Adji. Second stupidity, again it is Cabral Libii who revealed it. He said he wanted to have a candidate in front of him. You see that everything that is done there is for me a kind of cacophony, a masquerade that is organized in the communication plan to discredit the President of the Republic. As proof, look at the thousands of young people beyond the Rdpc we are mobilizing and supporting the president. There are even elderly people and women who are not from the Rdpc who support the president. We do not need a duel that gives the impression that it is now the Rdpc who is against all other Cameroonians. I insist on this, the election is cross-party, it is not a case of the Rdpc against other Cameroonians? If the brilliant minister Ndong Soumhet knocked over, in my opinion, Cabral Libii during the debate last Tuesday, there are still things to review in this TV program. So it is for me and perhaps unconsciously a strategy of destabilization of the head of state, a plot that should be immediately stopped.

The plot would be hatched by whom?

I rather have the impression that caciques of the Rdpc eager for strategies want to lock up the president at the Rdpc. In such a show, where will we put our G20 allies, including Jean De Dieu Momo, Banda Kani, the Bapooh Lipot, and so on? Where are you putting these new strategists, these new vital forces of the nation who have joined the president? I think it's all the supporters of the candidates who have to debate the candidates' programs. But when you see what happens, I have the impression that there are a number of caciques, completely overwhelmed, no longer having vision who are organized to pass only their militant buddies from the Rdpc.

Paul Biya is absent from the pre-campaign which is in full swing. Is it possible for your candidate to let his lieutenants defend his own balance sheet, even during the campaign itself?

This is not possible simply because President Paul Biya is a legalist. Moreover, when you see what is happening, some give the impression that the official campaign is open; but this is not the case. President Paul Biya will be there from September 22 to beat campaign. Today, he is laying the foundations and strategies that will allow us to mobilize all his support first. This is why there is a great incompatibility between a duel that can oppose a candidate to another candidate. I do not understand, in the letter from the director general of the Crtv, it is called candidate campaign. So, what does this mean, if not an organized communication sabotage. I ask that we stop immediately as a member of the central committee and Biyaïste. They can organize a debate with four! And what is shocking in this case is that the debate in question is organized by the state television which, for me, does not play its role fully in favor of the President of the Republic.

How do you judge the mobilization within the Rdpc, in this eve of election?

Internally, the Rdpc as a political party is sufficiently mobilized. Despite the divisions that sometimes arise here and there because of the various challenges of investitures that have existed during the renewal of the basic organs or the Senate, President Paul Biya is the one that brings together the whole party. We all agree that, as we go to the presidential elections to support President Paul Biya, we can silence our quarrels because Paul Biya is unanimous. On the other hand, there are those whom I call the internal schemers who do not stop. I am preparing a conference of Biyaïstes next week, to present our slogan.