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Thursday, August 23, 2018


A Cameroonian soldier
was tortured to death in mid-August by suspected English-speaking separatists in the Southwest region, according to security and regional sources.

A soldier was "tortured and buried" on 14 August in the town of Ediki, in English-speaking South West, by people suspected of being English-speaking separatists, a source close to the security services said.

The information was confirmed to AFP by sources close to the regional authorities. The images of the victim have been abundantly recorded on social networks, showing a man chained, with people armed with him. The man is then dragged to a pit where he was allegedly buried after being tortured.

On social networks, Colonel Didier Badjeck, communication officer of the Ministry of Defense, spoke of this incident by blaming the responsibility to "Ambazonians", referring to the armed men who fight for the independence of English-speaking Cameroon.