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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

2018 Presidential Elections: Abel Elimby Lobe: "Everyone knows in Cameroon that we are not losing the election because the regime is working well. We are losing elections because of our own behavior: the dispersion of our voices "

Among the guests of the Club Elite program (Vision 4) August 19, 2018 included Abel Elimby Lobe councilor of the municipality of Douala 5 th . A strong supporter of a coalition of opposition candidates in Cameroon's upcoming presidential election, he again insisted on the need for an alliance. Abel Elimby recalled that time is running out now. And for good reason.

It is important according to him to decide as soon as possible. Because in case of choice of the coalition option, applicants who have withdrawn will have time to recover their deposit of 30 million CFA francs. What does not seem to be possible since the election printer could call at any time for the candidates to give the right to shoot.  

And the former Social Democrat Front castigates the attitude of those who chose to go it alone. "Everyone knows in Cameroon that we do not lose the elections because the regime works well. We lose the elections because of our own behavior: the dispersion of our voices which itself is the consequence of a proliferation of applications. We are not going to debate any more. Because everything has been set up so that our candidates listen to us, that they go in the direction of our aspirations, we who give them voices. Until today we are waiting, "he said.

Elimby Lobe is outraged by the attitude of some of the eight candidates opposed to the outgoing President of Cameroon Paul Biya. He denounces a behavior that will waste votes. "When we talk about the coalition of candidates, the unrepentant come on television to talk about the coalition of the people, the coalition of ideas. All this means nothing! It simply means that people are stubbornly trying to get us into a maneuver that is dispersing a voice, "he explains.