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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

"When I Resigned From The Government, There Are People Who Pray Every Day For Me To Sleep In Kondengui" Maurice Kamto

Maurice Kamto

A237| The politician in reference to the burning news in the context of Operation Epervier had, during a meeting with his comrades of the MRC in Yaounde regretted the false trials and the wish of some people to see him in Kondengui the day after his resignation from government in November 2011

Maurice Kamto had also lambasted the "emotional reactions" of some people after the arrest of former Minister of Water and Energy Basile Atangana Kouna, stating that he himself was fiercely reluctant when he resigned from the government.

"When I resigned from the government, there were people who prayed every day for me to sleep in Kondengui, to validate their theory that no one can stay in government without stealing ... but, I think God was absent, "he said.

The Cameroonian internationalist lawyer stressed that one should rather take "act of his resignation from the government".

"There are people who say that I knew I had to be kicked out of the government, but I still resigned," he said humorously. "It's an indisputable fact," he continued.

The former Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice had besides challenged anyone to prove how he stole a single penny to the State of Cameroon.

"Apart from lending me the 14 billion, nobody has managed to prove that I steal a dime. If we stop others, do I have thorns on me, "he wondered.

For the record, Professor Maurice Kamto was quoted in 2008 in a case of 14 billion Fcfa about a market won by his firm Brain Trust Consulting in the implementation of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Penal Code and the Code of Procedure civil.

His detractors had quickly thrown him into suspecting him of having influenced the choice of his Cabinet by his posture of Deputy Minister of Justice at the time of the facts.