Saturday, July 7, 2018

We Have Defense And Security Forces That Neutralize Terrorists, The Situation Is Under Control, Says Paul Atanga Nji

Paul Atanga Nji

Some observers speak of the "rottenness" of the crisis, but Paul Atanga Nji evokes a situation "under control"

He assured it at the end of the first day of consultation with the administrations in charge of the execution of the humanitarian emergency plan.

For Cameroon's Minister of Decentralization, English-speaking secessionists are increasingly routed by the defense and security forces. According to him, the situation is fully under "control"

"Of course, there are pockets of resistance that will disappear because evil has never dominated the good (...) We have defense and security forces that take appropriate measures, neutralize terrorists and protect the population "He said

On the set of national television CRTV as part of the program "Presidency News" last week, Minister Atanga Nji had already reaffirm his firmness vis-à-vis the English separatists he now calls cannibals.

Appointed at the beginning of March following a minor cabinet reshuffle, Paul Atanga Nji is one of the personalities who are credited with denying the existence of the Anglophone crisis.

Although he was thrown into his native Mezam, Minister Atanga Nji is now responsible for driving the Ad-Hoc Committee in charge of the emergency plan prescribed by the President of the Republic in the North-West and South-West.

This humanitarian emergency plan of 12.7 billion CFA francs is financed by the State budget, the call for national solidarity and the contribution of international partners.

Less than fifteen days after its launch, the amount of the Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Plan is already more than 758 million FCFA.

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