Thursday, July 12, 2018

Video Of Execution Of Women And Children By Cameronian Military Men Causes Stir As REDHAC "Network Of Human Rights Defenders In Central Africa" Reacts

These are unsustainable images on which, however, one can fall almost by chance on social networks in Cameroon. It's been two days since they circulate. We see men in uniform carrying women and children into the bush and the executors coldly.

The video lasts nearly three minutes. We see two women, one holding a child by the hand, the other carrying a baby on the back and just behind them, forcing them to move forward, two men in army uniform, kalashnikov slung over his shoulder.

On several occasions, one of these men slaps the first woman by saying to him "  raise the calabash that you see well, you, BH, you will die  ". The name BH in Cameroon refers to the Islamist group Boko Haram .

These images that seem to be shot with a mobile phone are commented live by a man. He presents the protagonists he films: Boko Haram elements recovered after an assault, he says. He also gives names, including Master Corporal Tsho-Tsho and 2nd Class Cobra.

The two men in military uniforms advance the two women and their children on a track, push them towards a small hill, bandage their eyes, make kneel the first woman just like the girl to whom they put a t-shirt on the head. Then the second with the baby on the back kneels, the four are shot in the back. Twenty shots are fired, then close-up on the four corpses, including the little baby.

Unsustainable images that arouse strong indignation in Cameroon. Because both the military uniform and the French protagonists point to the Cameroonian army. The landscape is similar to that of the Far North of the country where the army is fighting against the terrorist group Boko Haram.

A step has been taken

For the Network of Human Rights Defenders in Central Africa (Redhac), no doubt, it is elements of the security forces of Cameroon who are responsible for these executions. They say they have authenticated the video and cross-checked the information.

Militant Maximilian Ngo Mbe calls for Cameroonian justice. "  It is unacceptable in a state of law, she is indignant on RFI.  Approximately 2 years and 5 years old children who are tortured, women who are tortured and who are subsequently murdered by 17 bullets in the skull. Even if we are at war with the Boko Haram sect - a war that is legitimate, terrorism must not come to impose its law in Cameroon - but that can not give security forces the role of executioners. There, I think it is a step that has been taken since we were in this war and it is urgent that the authorities of Cameroon take appropriate measures. That these elements be stopped without conditions and in the immediate future and that they pay according to the law, that investigations are opened to get their hands on these elements of forces of defense and that they are punished. "

An investigation has been opened, say the authorities

On the side of the authorities, we are shocked by this video. An investigation has been opened to authenticate the video, as spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary explains:

"  Investigations are opened when the Cameroonian army is attributed to Cameroon's security forces for perpetrating these heinous crimes. We have not authenticated yet, but I draw your attention to what are called fake news. Do not be peremptory in awarding this package to the Cameroonian army. Because the enemy is always able to slip into the holding of our defense and security forces to attribute to us the paternity of odious things. Just allow an investigation to be conducted, first that we can establish the authenticity of this video. "

It brings back to the taste of the day this issue of transparency. The people must be informed of what is being done. Because the role of the army is to protect people against the enemy. Boko Haram is an enemy.

Source: irl