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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

"Two-state Federalism Is Strictly Impossible. It Will Precipitate Cameroon In A Generalized Federalist Demand " Says Mathias Eric Owona Nguini

CIN| Professor Mathias Eric Owona Nguini is still opposed to the establishment of a federal system of governance in Cameroon. The sociopolitist reiterated his position during the TV show Club of Elites (Vision 4), July 1, 2018. "As much we can understand the concerns of local autonomy in these regions as much the concerns of local autonomy, territorial exist elsewhere. And a part of Cameroon even that one can not leave to the rest of Cameroon a state configuration. If we even consider a negotiation, the negotiation is done on the basis of a balance of power. Autonomy is a possible outcome. That is, the state of Cameroon can give more autonomy to the regions and even give special powers to some of them on the basis of a national consensus. That is to say, the two English-speaking regions. Federalism to two states is strictly impossible. It will precipitate Cameroon in a generalized federalist demand. This means that it is impossible in Cameroon to have a negotiating framework where you will find people who will say: "we want two states" without the formation in Cameroon spontaneously political groups that will claim states for all of Cameroon and will trigger a cycle of generalized disorder. Regional states perhaps, but in time, "argued the teacher of the University of Yaounde II Soa. Who advocates an advanced and rapid decentralization.

Mathias Eric Owona Nguini says that even a regime of autonomy would not solve the problem. Especially not for a current that is secessionist, who wants that and no federalism, no regional state, no decentralization. According to him, we are far from a UN intervention. He further argues that one can not get out of the conflict if some parties believe that they will impose some logic on others.

He rejects the proposals of former public television journalist Eric Chinje who suggested in a letter to the President of the Republic the establishment of two federal states. According to the academic this proposal is "completely unrealistic". For him, "two states under present conditions is simply the antechamber for separation". About the armed struggle by the English-speaking separatists Owona Nguini declares that secessionist armed groups are not capable of dismantling the police, military and administrative presence of the Republic of Cameroon in the English-speaking regions. "There is not a state called Ambazonia. It's a pure fantasy but a fantasy that is a producer of the dead.