Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Two Billion FCFA Used For 2018 Senatorial Election

Elections Cameroon (Elecam), has just made its "general report" on the organization of the senatorial elections of March 25th. In the document produced by him, the body in charge of the organization and management of elections, evaluates the budget contributed by the State of Cameroon for the good conduct of this election on the national triangle. In total, two billion CFA francs were mobilized.

In detail, this sum was used as part of the "preparations prior to the convening of the electoral college (565 million CFA francs); actions taken following the convocation of the electoral college (480 million CFA francs); the management of electoral operations (335 million CFA francs); post-election operations (545 million CFA francs); and the printing of the general report of the election (75 million Fcfa) ", we learn.

The body in charge of the organization and management of the elections also takes a retrospective look at the electoral operations that brought together the opening of the poll on March 25; the closing of the poll; vote counting; the publication of the results acquired in the polling stations; the preparation and transmission of the minutes of counting; and finally, the voting process which took into account the different handicaps."

Appropriate arrangements have been made at the polling station level to ensure that senatorial voters with motor and visual disabilities, identified in the electoral register, have an easy participation, guaranteeing their freedom of choice and the secrecy of their vote", observes the document.

The senatorial election of March 25 also had difficulties. "The general report", which does not obscure them, mentions, among other things, those relating to the reception of political party applications, which has been a source of embarrassment for the on-call sub-commission which consisted of two teams."  These visitors (the political parties, Ed) have chosen to report to Elecam only a few hours after the expiry of the legal deadline for receipt, set on 22 February 2018 at midnight."

Therefore, both teams had to exercise until 04:30 in the early morning of February 23. Added to this are the difficulties linked to the work of the National Commission for the General Census of Votes (Cnrgv), in the context of the post-electoral dispute, which revealed "the disparity in the content of the tables summarizing the electoral data of the regions" and "late arrival of minutes from certain regional supervisory commissions".

To further contribute to the facilitation of the electoral process, Elecam finally makes recommendations to a range of actors composed of political parties - main actors -; civil society; election observers; administration and public authorities. In these last two categories, the body in charge of the organization and the management of the elections asks, among other things, "to bring election observers to produce their observation report and their final declarations as required". democratic standards ", and" to work more to improve security conditions in areas where peace remains disrupted, to encourage voters to go to the polls ".

Structured in six parts, the general report on the election of senators of March 25 is a document of nearly 500 pages, developed in French and English.

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