Thursday, July 12, 2018

This Is How Gendarmerie Challenges More Than 100 People In Douala "Littoral"

They were placed in custody in the cells of the Bonabèri 1 research brigade, in the Douala IVe district.

In its edition of July 11, 2018 the daily newspaper Le Jour relays this information, reports that some people arrested, were for lack of national identity card (CNI). Others had narcotics on them that they consumed. The operation that led to their arrest dubbed " punch ", was conducted by the National Gendarmerie and coordinated by the Territorial Group of the Gendarmerie. And according to a source of our colleague, it took place at a place called Itok Ndobo neighborhood at the west exit of Bonabèri around 4am on July 10, 2018.

The source of the daily Le Jour says in its columns, that the operation " punch " was aimed at tracking down secessionists who would take refuge in this part of the country. It is located a few kilometers from the border with the South West Region in the grip of the Anglophone crisis. For a number of weeks, secessionist attacks have been increasingly recorded. The city of Buea, the capital of the Region, was recently attacked at the locality " Mille 16 " and at Munya. The daily Mutations in its edition of July 9, 2018 reported that the insecure situation forces people to abandon homes and businesses. In the locality of Munya it is during the day of June 26 that the secessionists attacked the police station. " They would have grabbed some weapons and ammunition before melting into nature, " the paper writes.

To return to the situation of the people arrested in Bonabèri, the daily newspaper Le Jour indicates that some of them have been released. " As people bring in NICs from people who are arrested, they are released immediately. In the cell there are only people rounded up for drug possession and consumption , "said a colleague in the columns of a policeman.

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