Sunday, July 8, 2018

The CEO Of POTOMAC Company Not On The Run

Information widely disseminated in social networks indicates that the work would be stopped in the yards of the African Cup of Nations football (CAN) 2019 in Garoua. This, following the escape of Ben Modo, CEO of the company Prime Protomac, in charge of the said projects. Worse, Ben Modo would have fled with 18 billion FCFA in his pocket.

The Prime Potomac CEO himself denies this information. "I am indeed in Cameroon," he says. He added that he published this July 5, 2018, a statement that the sites entrusted to his company by the State of Cameroon are not stopped, contrary to rumor.

"The construction works of the CAN Total Cameroon 2019 infrastructure have never stopped in Garoua," insists Ben Modo. But he says: "It was about to release a second wave of 800 workers, whose end date was scheduled for June 30.

Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control, these workers could not be released because of lack of means ".

According to the CEO of Prime Potomac, the lack of payment of wages at the time of their release, caused worries among these workers at the end of the contract; and this explains the mood movement of the latter. But in the meantime, the workers selected to continue the project continued their work in the various construction sites.

Source: A237