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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Calls For The Candidacy Of Paul Biya Hide A "Sincere Hypocrisy" Says Eloi Bidoung, RDPC Executive

Saint Eloi Bidoung

237actu | The deputy mayor of Yaoundé 6 Saint Eloi Bidoung castigates the calls for the candidacy of Paul Biya for the next presidential election.

It is out of the question for this activist and executive of the CPDM to mingle with calls for candidacy emanating from insincere and hypocritical militants

Renowned for his outspokenness, it is through a forum and especially a sharp tone that the politician has spoken on the issue.

The editors of 237actu for proposes below the entirety of this tribune

They were seen assembled, mobilized, crammed together in Akonolinga, Bagangte and Yaounde, holding hands and, in unison, chanting slogans, clamoring for and demanding the candidacy of Paul Biya for the presidential election of 2018.

Apart from the "Saint Eloïstes", who were not there, the others were all there: the "Marafists" of the first hour, the "Mebarists" pure and hard, the "Mbombo-njaistes", the "Sadist", the "Mebengoïstes" and even the "Omgbadamaistes". It is a collection of apprentice sorcerers carpeted in the shadows, all carriers of the painful and sincere hypocrisy ambient.

The subgroups of the big groups, mentioned above, fought a merciless battle for political leadership in the capital. These traitors fight each other, for whom they stab in the back and in whose name they drink blood, if not more, during obscure, mystical or enlightened sessions.

Thus, in the capital, the brotherhood of the "Mbargamboaistes" confronts, for a long time and more in recent days, the clan of "Etoundingoaistes". He too is at loggerheads with the club of "Tsimievounaistes" who face, day and night, the "Seraphists" and the Mamafoudists ".

What a beautiful family ! What would not be done to maintain power? Not that of Paul Biya, of course, but theirs. Serenity and sincerity are not on the menu, let alone appointments. These are the main features of these odious fratricides in the capital.

However, all these arsonists have worn the firefighter's camisole, to return extinguish the fire they themselves lit the day before in the party, resulting in the blacklisting of some activists like Saint Eloi Bidoung who confesses however to have nothing against the calls for the candidacy.

Saint Eloi, on the other hand, questions the sincerity of the appellants. These enemy brothers go as far as to launch a call for candidacy for the recruitment of experts in call to the candidature of Paul Biya. The criteria being the proven and proven loyalty to Paul Biya, as well as the moral probity of the candidates.

A call that will not meet more than two candidates, apart from Saint-Eloi Bidoung and another comrade of the party, whose name we keep silent. Forced, coerced and abused, citizens are crying out for Paul Biya's candidacy for yet another term at the head of Cameroon.

They are victims of a cleverly orchestrated strategy, for profit and by those who do not even serve Paul Biya. They do not all die, but all are affected by fever. Nobody has escaped until now. Even the dead appear on lists of signatories, along with some who do not remember having participated in a witchcraft session that resulted in a "motion of support and deference" or a "call for candidacy" by Paul Biya .

The president of the National Assembly, from the top of his perch and like the fox flattering the raven, thundered and set the tone of the atmosphere at the beginning of the year. Not satisfied, the old "Cavalier" is back on his old horse to force, under threats and blackmail, the poor populations of Tokombéré which teaches them the syllabaire under the trees and on the ground in public schools, to attend a voodoo session for a "call for Paul Biya's candidacy". The southern elites, the "organizing country", wanted to catch up on the case and gave voice, in a landmark chaos, blinded by a distinguished university professor, who can not read anymore nor write the names of "signatories" of support motions.

In the Nde, in the West The Senate Speaker danced like a Bangangté car washer who has just won at Pmuc. He flew bank notes over his head, shamelessly and shamefully, under the suspicious blessing of the Bamoun king, who revealed after the circus show that Paul Biya was "condemned" to the candidacy. As a result of mimicry, the senators jumped on the case and gave the voice.

Those at the Center, to say thank you to the person who appointed them, recognizing that no one else would have wanted to elect them. In return, they gave themselves the duty and the obligation to demand, to demand, to exhort and to beg the candidature of Paul Biya in 2018 and in 2025, even in 2032 and 2039. The public is asked to wait in the coming days, calls from ministers of state, ministers and deputy ministers; secretaries of state, general managers, firefighters and temporary teachers.

Also highly anticipated are the "former classmates of Chantal Biya", the Presby, Jachabi, Brendabi and the friends of Franck and Junior Biya (Juniorbi and Franckbi). The elders of the Seminary of Akono, although already very little alive, will not let the pawn on the game of "calls" by associations bendskinneurs Bertoua. Hypocrisy with the shovel. A scenario of show thieves at a fair, a circus where jesters and conjurers rival of turns.

With as extras and spectators populations, who understand nothing of the plot of the play, but know the intriguers. The tone, the abundance and the constituents of these calls have difficulty in hiding their stale character, stained with theatrical lies.

Firstly because they are organized in most cases without the knowledge and at the expense of the "signatories". Organized? This is the word, because these banknotes circulating secretly for the organization of meetings and meetings leading to calls for candidacy, produce an alienation of the sincerity of the requests made especially by the "outside and inside elites" , the "live forces" and the mining strips, except for the participation of the lower people, who claim to be concerned about the future of Cameroon.

Who does not know that President Biya had sworn that he will not leave power as long as the majority of Cameroonians still starve, have no drinking water and no electricity; as long as the youth unemployment rate is above 60%; as long as public hospitals are still dying? Paul Biya will not leave power until he burns Boko Haram, to whom he has publicly declared war. Will he agree to turn his back on the enemy when leaving Etoudi's palace?

Given that the fight against Boko Haram is a project inscribed in the "Great ambitions", the "Great resolutions" and "Great achievements". Surely also in the "Great disappointments"! Paul Biya, refined, dignified and noble man, can not leave power and lose face in front of "Ambazonians"! Why leave after having annihilated those who ogled in his chair and languish in prison? It would be a mess. We therefore understand why the "calls of the people", the counter-calls and the "calls for candidacy" add to the pain of the people, especially to the pain of those who give themselves the pain that promises to be useless. Because this buffoonery, which returns cyclically, has not given lessons to all these foxes of the fable.

No one remembers that the people's appeal against the multiparty system, punctuated by a long march and crowned by a pontifical mass said by an entire archbishop in his cathedral, was answered by Paul Biya: "Prepare to face competition ". At the call against the entry of Cameroon to the International Monetary Fund, Paul Biya responded by accepting the structural adjustment plan with all its misery and pain, never appeased to date.

Even more pathetic, the call for the candidacy for the presidential election anticipated in 2016. Dear comrades, let's be sincere, although this is never easy for us: if our national president came to ... or decided to ... what would you? In any case, this is the theme of our next forum. CPDM eaten!