Sunday, July 1, 2018

SouthWest Development: Government To Start The Construction Of A Gas Station In Limbe

On Friday, June 8, 2018, the Cameroonian government and the New Age Cmlng, a company specialized in mining management, signed an agreement focused on the installation of a floating plant for the liquefaction of natural gas gas. "This is a floating plant that will be mobilized. It will poke and extract natural gas from our basement.

This gas will be liquefied and will produce a number of by-products, such as domestic gas used in households, "said Minister of Water and Energy Gaston Eloundou Essomba.

Indeed, by initialling this agreement, the two partners agreed on the basis a sharing and production license to process natural gas off the coast of Limbe, in the Southwest region. For this, the State of Cameroon intends to develop its energy potential, through the availability of natural gas, a clean source of energy for its industrialization, says the biweekly L'Anecdote Monday, June 11, 2018. Regarding the New Age Clmg company, it intends to spend more than one billion five hundred million dollars for comprehensive training programs.

Another aspect that should not be overlooked is the expected impact in terms of tax revenue and employment. "It's a project that will offer work at least 350 people. It will also create over 3,000 indirect jobs. It is a project that will generate huge tax revenues for Cameroon, up to $ 3 billion, or nearly 2 000 billion FCFA for the duration of the project, "says Mathilde Malabo Ebay, Deputy Director General of the New Age Clmg.

In addition, it should be remembered that this project will have a capacity that can produce 70 million m3 of natural gas per day, the newspaper said. This volume, we learn, will then be transported by the Pipelines towards the turns, in order to supply local projects identified by the Cameroonian State.

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