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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Seven Senators Of The Social Democratic Front (SDF) Reject Paul Biya's Emergency Plan

Cin| In its edition of July 4, 2018, the daily newspaper Le Jour reports that the seven senators of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) have expressed Monday last, their dissatisfaction with the Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Plan for the North West and South West populations, victims of the Anglophone crisis.

They are dissatisfied with the management of the crisis that paralyzes their regions of origin since the end of 2016. A few days before the end of the second ordinary session of Parliament, it seemed appropriate for them to say loudly what they think of the emergency humanitarian assistance.

For them, the Government put the cart before the horse. And this is not the measure to take when the violence is still alive in the English-speaking regions.

"We were not invited to design this plan, which was destined to fail. There is still loss of life on the ground, destruction of material goods. A peace plan should come before an assistance plan. Will there be a plan for lasting peace? The Government has not listened attentively to the complaints of lawyers and teachers. There is a civil war in these regions that does not say its name and we rush to collect money, "they wrote in the statement read on July 2.

The senators of the SDF condemn and do not understand the attitude of Marcel Niat Njifenji the President of the Senate.

"Since we arrived in the Senate, nothing has been said about the Anglophone crisis. Considering the fact that the crisis is getting worse, we asked for the creation of a commission of inquiry and until now, it has not reacted, "reads the statement of parliamentarians of the SDF