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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Seven Senators From SDF Reveals That The Senate Refused To Let Senators Talk On The Ongoing Anglophone Crisis Even After The Party Tabled A Proposal

CIN| Some seven Senators of the Social Democratic Front party, SDF, have revealed that the Senate has vehemently refused to let Senators talk on the ongoing Anglophone crisis even after the party tabled a proposal.

In a Press outing, the Senators revealed that early June, they tabled a motion in Senate asking for the creation of a Committee of Enquiry to look into Government’s handling of the Anglophone crisis since it started last October 2016.

A statement from the desk of SDF Senators read, “Suffice it to hereby further inform the Press and Cameroon public that since filling the said motion and despite the fact that other businesses of the house were tabled later have been addressed, our motion seems to have been simply ignored.”

The Senators described as “useless”, lives of thousands in the North West and South West regions which have been rendered by the crisis. They said it is their wish to see the crisis come to an end, but it seems this would take time both the Senate and National Assembly have not opened debates on the issue .

In the same Press outing, the Senators raised reservations on the plan by government to help displaced victims of the war, “Our reservations are predicted on the fact that priority should be given to inclusive dialogue that will lead to a lasting solution to the crisis. A project that focuses solely on addressing the humanitarian component of the crisis while violence escalates every passing day is clearly designed to fail.” According to them, it will be better to do the second before the first.

The humanitarian plan of the government is worth FCFA 12.7 billion and will run till end of 2019. Heading the plan is territorial administration Minister, Paul Atanga Nji.