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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Secessionists Demand Postponement Of October Presidential Election After Abducted Eight Traditional Leaders Of Fako

237Actu| The anglophone crisis lends itself to many abuses. According to a generally well-known source, armed individuals kidnapped and led to an unknown destination of eight traditional chiefs in the Fako department.

They would then have demanded before their release the postponement of the presidential election of October 7.

They are precisely: Wokaka Chiefs Njombe Johnson, Wokeka Philip Mokwa, Ewili Elinge Ndoto, Wokwei Herman Njumbe, Liwuh Malale's Francis Molinga, Woteva Lieti Woloko, Lysoka Chief Mbanda and Chief Lieti Woloko of Woteva.

These kidnappings have not been formally claimed, but there is every reason to believe that this is another secessionist act.

We still remember a list of traditional Southwestern leaders threatened with kidnapping by secessionists who toured the web last week

Accused by secessionists of "connivance" with the administrative authorities, these guardians of the tradition are now victims of kidnappings and assassinations.

For the record, the traditional leader of the village Mbeme located in the department of Manyu, had been abducted last April by individuals claiming the state of Ambazonia.

After several days of research, the lifeless body of his majesty Njang Boniface Achu was finally found the throat cut near the Mbeme public school.

Source: 237actu