Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Secessionist Attack Fondonera Town In Menoua, Western Region

The locality of Fondonera located in the department of Menoua, western region was attacked on the morning of Monday, July 9 by individuals claiming the fictitious state "Ambazonia".

According to the story of Radio Balafon, a violent clash between the separatist armed groups and the Cameroonian defense forces in Fondonera, a town located in the Menoua Department, Western Region.

Although no loss in human life was recorded at the end of this exchange of fire, it should be noted that an element of the Cameroonian Defense Forces seriously hit, was taken to the district hospital of the city from Dschang.

The unclaimed attack has been attributed to secessionists, who for some time have been making incursions into French-speaking regions.

Formerly circumscribed in the North-West and South-West regions, secessionist attacks seem to have been relocated to surrounding cities.

On the 13th of June, an attack by the separatists in Kotto, a village in the Moungo department bordering the Muyuka commune, caused panic among the population of the city of Mbanga.

A few days later, it is the gendarmerie brigade of Babadjou locality located in the department of Bamboutos region of the West which will be attacked by attackers.

An attack that, according to Edward Egbe the sub-prefect of this department had been orchestrated by the secessionists in order to release one of their then detained in one of the cells of this police station.