Thursday, July 19, 2018

Ruben Maclik Djoumbissi Dumped Journalism To Study Banking And Finance

Ruben Maclik Djoumbissie Pens Massage As He Finally Dumped Journalism To Study Banking And Finance, Says He Slept On The Street And Stave All Night Starting Over Again.

Ruben Maclik Djoumbissie is now fully ready to leave the world of the media to definitely devote himself to his studies in Banking and Finance.

"I waited two years to do it but it is not late today to tell you. This thing that bothers me and whose necessity decides me: I leave the Press. Since my departure from Canal2 International, life has not been tender with me 'I experienced unprecedented suffering to my little existence, lacked food, slept in the street and wiped mockeries simply unbearable. But this was my fault, because I did not know how to get up and move forward without feeling depressed.

Today I leave the press and devote myself definitely to my studies (Banking and finance) hahahaha, my father dreamed so much of this profession for my younger sister who she chooses rather to be a journalist. I have plenty of advice to give him. For my part I leave this job that gave me everything and showed everything. Apart from studying online at a Canadian University, I will in the very near future unveil my new employer if all goes well ... It's a multin. with Singaporean capital, "he wrote on his facebook page.

This making Ruben Malick DjoumbissiƩ an ex-investigative journalist, he worked in several media houses including STV, LTM or Canal 2. Fired from Canal 2 International television in June 2016 for opposing the decision of his boss.