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Monday, July 2, 2018

Report Says The Consequence Of The Anglophone Crisis Is Perceiving In Douala

Irf| In Cameroon, would the city of Douala be under threat from English-speaking separatists? This large port city, adjacent to the English-speaking southwestern region, is seeing a growing influx of people fleeing fighting between separatist fighters and the defense forces. Most of these displaced people live in the town of Douala 4e, the historic center of the city's English-speaking community. The mayor of the commune fears the infiltrations of the secessionist militia and recently made it known during a security meeting chaired by the governor.

Travelers on the road Douala-Douala all make the same observation that on this journey of barely an hour that connects the regional capital of the southwest to the great port city of Cameroon, the roadside checks were multiplied, the latter days.

These controls, very thorough, are carried out day and night by mixed teams of police, gendarmes and even military. According to some information, the city of Douala would be under the threat of the English-speaking separatists from including its western exit, in the district of Douala 4th which also shelters a strong English-speaking community.

Koum Elangue Frédéric, mayor of this district, takes this threat seriously. He notified it mid-week in a security meeting with all the authorities in the city and urged the police to be even more vigilant.

For him, Douala 4e could host dormant cells of secessionist fighters. Nevertheless, there is no particular threat to Douala, Yaounde reassured, even if the authorities also call for vigilance while recommending not to panic.

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