Thursday, July 19, 2018

Presidential elections 2018: Opposed to its general secretary who calls to vote Paul Biya, the president of the UPC announces his candidacy

CIN| It is a Habiba Issa very recovery that appeared at the very first edition of the show "Equinoxe evening" (Equinoxe television) July 16, 2018. The president of the Union of the populations of Cameroon (UPC) elected on October 9 2017 in Yaoundé denounced the attitude of some of the members of the elected office at the same time. For example, Ms. Habiba said she realized that everything in the acts of Secretary General Pierre Baleguel Nkot was calculated, targeted and that she found herself in a situation of fait accompli. She explains that she was not consulted, found herself "like someone who had no more functions, like a puppet". "I think they made the wrong choice. Later they realized that I can not give in on some things. "

Although she states that this is not what led her to run for office, the decision of Pierre Baleguel Nkot to make the UPC vote for the candidate Paul Biya is a decision that is binding only because is not the congress that decided it. She argues that it was she required that we first go through the steering committee she had convened.

Habiba Issa accuses Baleguel of writing to the administration to challenge him the right to convene the Steering Committee finally met according to him. "We have come to say that we are not the party behind the President of the Republic. If we have to be in alliance, we will choose a party that has the same ideology as the UPC. So we decided to go to the elections.

Habiba Issa reports that contrary to a certain "Doctor Moune", it is finally she who was chosen to defend the colors of the UPC in the next presidential elections. Habiba Issa could submit his application on Thursday 19 July 2018 in Douala.