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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Presidential 2018: Akere Muna can not have any audience in the North, says Pr. James Mouangue Kobila

The public law associate reviews the actions of the candidates declared for the next Presidential election in the northern zone. He thinks the Far North is by no means ready to radically change his political habits.

Professor James Mouangue Kobila is rather sententious in the analysis he makes of the chances of rallying that hope the opposition candidates in the North in the framework of the 2018 Presidential Election. For having traveled this area of ​​Cameroon , the aggregator of public right suggests that it is a penalty lost for these candidates. "What I heard over there is that Northerners can only really vote for two political parties. Apart from the MDR which has a base among some minorities in the North, the Nordists in a global way vote for the CPDM or for the UNDP. This is the reason why even Issa Tchiroma who is from there could not get a single town hall. He could not get a single Deputy. So in these circumstances and from what I have heard, from my experience as an observer of political life in Cameroon since 1990, I share the view that they are vain attempts " , he states in the columns of July 2, 2018 of the journal Marks.

Already to speak specifically of the candidates declared for the next presidential election, Pr. James Mouangue Kobila think that Akere Muna recently invested by the Popular Front for Development has no chance to acquire an audience in the Far North. As for Cabral Libii, who has been nominated for the same political term by Prof. Nkou Mvondo's party, the academic says he is only there to amuse the gallery. "Cabral Libii is a braggart. But you're kidding! He amuses the gallery, he is a young public entertainer. I do not think there are four Cameroonians who know him. The only credit we give to Cabral Libii on the criteria - I recently read a poll done by the way and so the results were published - on ten or twelve criteria, the only one that was granted to Cabral wins the criterion of youth, "argues the author among others of" The protection of minorities and indigenous peoples in Cameroon: between contrast recognition and reaffirmed universal consecration "