Saturday, July 7, 2018

Paul Biya: When We Are Old, We Can Not Lead A Country As Complex. We Have Almost The Same Age, Says Cardinal Christian Tumi

The former archbishop emeritus of Douala, had invited Paul Biya, the head of the State of Cameroon, 85 years of which 36 in power , not to give in to the calls made by some caciques of his camp, which push him to represent him with the next presidential

Well known for his positions trenches, Cardinal Christian Tumi had resigned his office of archbishop in 2009 at the age 75 years old.

The man of God had therefore considered that the advanced age of Paul Biya no longer allowed him to preside over the destinies of a country like Cameroon.

"We are almost the same age and at that age, whatever its endurance or physical strength, we are weakened. When one is old, one can be of good advice but one can not manage a country so young and complex, "he said.

Regarding the Anglophone crisis, which for almost two years has weakened the South West and North West regions. , Cardinal Christian Tumi has sometimes held speeches that do not always align with those of the central power

For some observers of the Cameroonian political scene, Cardinal Christian Tumi has always analyzed the situation under the prism of its origins (originally from the department of Bui , capital city Kumbo)

Mgr Christian Tumi, author of the famous book entitled "My faith: a Cameroon to be rebuilt" has always openly supported "that there has never been a marriage between English-speaking Cameroon and English-speaking Cameroon.