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Monday, July 2, 2018

Pascal Miny Appoints As The New General Manager Of Cameroon Railways

CIN| According to Abbo Aboubakar, chairman of the board whose remarks are relayed by Cameroon Tribune Monday, July 2, 2018, the new director general will be "in charge of the implementation of the ambitious investment program in view of modernization of the railways ", under the impetus of the State and the strategic partner ".

Pascal Miny graduated in 1983 from the Air School in France. He was Director of Exploitation of Aero-services Group after a few years in the aeronautics, he was the returning officer of Comilog in Owendo, Gabon in 2004, Deputy Director of Iron and Comilog Port, Eramet Group, 10 years later in the same country.

Before assuming the responsibility of the Knowledge Management Leader and in charge of the ERAMET railway from August 2016 to April 2018, the latter position he held prior to his appointment to the management of Camrail was preceded by that of PCA de the Wood Development Company (SOMIVAB); it is clear a manager who has the course, but we are already waiting at the foot of the wall.

According to the newspaper, the holding of this session of the Camrail's Board of Directors also made it possible to take stock of various issues. For example, in the case of compensation for the Es├ęka rail accident of October 2016, the press release issued after the board indicates that 84% of the deceased victims' files were the subject of a definitive agreement with families.

In addition, 83% of the files of injured victims are finally approved and paid for, and 100% of the material damage cases have been processed and settled.

On a completely different level, the Board of Directors welcomed the progress made by the State's discussions on the acquisition of new rolling stock. He also welcomed the continuation of the rehabilitation and renewal of the track, the management of signage modernization projects and the automation of level crossings.

Directors also noted with interest the correct implementation of the safety action plan and welcomed the implementation of the training program for 150 young Cameroonians in railway trades.