Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Opinion: If My Candidacy Is Validated, I Will Beat President Biya At CPDM Primary, Says Saint Eloi Bidoung On Radio Balafon

Ac237| Three months before the presidential election and after the convening of the electorate by President Biya, Saint Eloi Bidoung still appears in the spotlight.

Activist and ruling party executive RDPC is more than determined to beat President Biya at CPMR primary

The first deputy mayor of the commune of Yaoundé VI, who, some time still lambasted and found "not very sincere" the calls for the candidature of Paul Biya for the presidential election next October was Tuesday against Cyrille Bochico on the set of "Sacred Morning" on Balafon radio.

Saint Eloi Bidoung openly indicates that 85-year-old Paul Biya is no longer able to preside over the destinies of a country like Cameroon.

The politician whose outspokenness does not suffer from any challenge says he wants to beat the candidate of November 6 to the CPDM primary if ever his candidacy is validated.

Saint Eloi Bidoung already had in a viral video circulating on the web drawn up the dark balance sheet of Paul Biya, 36 years old to the supreme magistracy

"Today, Cameroon is on the verge of disaster. Those who cry out for the candidacy of President Biya, in the presidential election, I am convinced that they do not like Cameroon. Because you can not ask a gentleman who has spent 60 years of high administration to be a candidate when one can estimate that he is entitled to rest. These people do not like Cameroon and they know why they are making calls for applications, "he said.

Although it is according to the texts the natural candidate of the party of the flames, the candidacy of the president Biya nevertheless remains officially expected. The electoral body being convened, the announcement of this candidacy will have to be made in the days to come.