Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Opinion: Gregory Owona "The Mrc Does Not Leave Me A Good Impression, I Hear It's Tribal Party"

Principal guest in Sunday's Arena on Canal 2 International, one who says he is devoted to Paul Biya has not made any gifts to his opponent as part of the "duel" during this high-profile program

Grégoire Owona, the politician and deputy secretary general of the CPDM center committee, in the face-to-face meeting of about fifteen minutes with Alain Fogué of the MRC was rather hard.

According to him, Maurice Kamto's party lacks "solidarity" and "knows a huge identity withdrawal"

"The Mrc does not leave me a good impression at all. I also read in social networks, I hear that it is a Tribalist party, a party that knows a huge identity withdrawal; an extremist party in its positions, the main opposition party that is against a coalition that has yet made the opposition dream, because there was talk that the opposition makes a coalition to fight Paul Biya. The MRC lacked solidarity, "he says

Source: 237actu