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Friday, July 6, 2018

Open Letter From President Jean Blaise Gwet To Paul Biya

President Jean-Blaise-GWET

A237| The case of the end of the reign of President Mobutu Sese Seko of Ex Zaire and Democratic Congo today must inspire you. Yesterday revered and adulated by all those to whom he had entrusted the exploitation of the wealth of his country, was dropped at the twilight of his life by his affine yesterday to put in section cut this beautiful and vast country ...

Mr. President, our nation is at the crossroads of a new and changing world. A world in which the global geopolitical chessboard is upside down. In this movement of redistribution of cards, the former colonial powers are fighting for a status quo in the world spheres they see as their preserve.

Far from being naive, let alone fooled, Mr President, who is really hiding behind this vast movement of destabilization? Who is blowing the wind of death to our people and sowing panic in Cameroon? The destabilization of the Cameroonian nation is happening before your eyes and under your presidency,

Mr. President of the Republic, yet I do not feel that you take the measure. Beyond the so-called Anglophone crisis, which is only the tree that hides the forest, from my point of view, there are inevitably behind this big masquerade, foreign forces pulling the strings in the shadows, with the aim of objectives:

1.The greed and the total takeover of our oil zone and indirectly our geological and forest heritage.

2.Forcing the hand of the President of the Republic to accept the establishment of a dialogue.

This short, mischievous path is my vision of strategist, the Machiavellian plan that aims to lead to the obligation and the establishment of a provisional transitional government. Simplistic goal to replace you and plunge the Nation into a deep crisis and total dismemberment of Cameroon. And of course, the International Criminal Court will interfere for some and chaos will settle for all. Monsieur le President of the Republic, if you do not take the measure of the danger that our beautiful nation runs, I do not give much risk of disorder, followed by the ruin of our beautiful Nation.

The former French President General Charles De Gaulle, we learned and at our expense today, "in politics, there are no friends there are only interests."

Whatever our partners there will never be friends among them, but mutual interests and more! The partners are therefore interchangeable and, conversely, the current partners must be interchanged. The case of the end of the reign of President Mobutu Sese Seko of Ex Zaire and Democratic Congo today must inspire you. Yesterday revered and adulated by all those to whom he had entrusted the exploitation of the riches of his country, was released at the twilight of his life by his affines yesterday to set a regulated section this beautiful and vast country. This neighboring country whose potential soil and subsoil riches is a geological anomaly has never recovered from the fratricidal wars for the happiness of third countries. I can not help but wonder, Mr President. And if the process of Recolonization of Central Africa is back on track? Failing this, knowing that the African people today has awakened from their torpor and is increasingly watching over the respect of their rights, aims to ensure that every African enjoys his prerogatives, especially those conferred in a natural way by his resources. natural. Do we want to stop this benefit? Do we want to stop the dream of one day seeing Africa live with dignity, out of foreign dependence? Do not we want to see his sons and daughters break the chains of servitude born of colonial agreements that continue to take place nearly sixty years after political independence? In the strict sense of Cameroon,

President Paul BIYA, in the eyes of Cameroonians and the world, you have not prepared anyone for your estate. And even if you did, in the doldrums that Cameroon has known for at least two decades, your dolphin could not guarantee a peaceful continuation and at the same time be accepted by all the Cameroonian people.

So be vigilant, Mr. President of the Republic, is it not question today for our friends in the shadows behind the so-called Anglophone crisis, to want to impose on our people, another person by force, by cunning, by shenanigans? If not, impose a rebellion in this oil zone that will benefit, as in South Sudan, North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo and elsewhere, to sellers of weapons and the Mafia?

Today the Cameroonian people is a mature and major people, enlightened, ready to defend their sovereignty, their territorial integrity, their independence and who finally wants to enjoy their basement.

As President of the Republic tomorrow, I will put at the service of our people and of the Nation, all our wealth and all its potential. With me, it is an obligation and a commitment that I take, Cameroon must by its own means and resources, increase the purchasing power of its sons and daughters, look after all Cameroonians in our health infrastructure worthy of the name , give free education to our children, build industrial infrastructure, factories, roads, bridges, highways to name just this.

Mr. President of the Republic, at the risk of an increasingly serious rotting of our Nation, it is urgent to hold elections, or even anticipate, the only appropriate way to leave after you a Cameroon standing, fair, more free and independent. I am on the ground and ready to go to the elections.

The Cameroonian people must now be sovereign and only he must say his last word on the choice of his leaders and his destiny. Who wants to manage Cameroon after you tomorrow, will have to be the best candidate chosen by the people, for the people and nothing but the people.

I, President of the Republic, strategist and face the dilemma of the situation that our country is currently going through, before condemning the sessessionists, I will put on the table the following hypotheses, which will necessarily spring the light.

1st Hypothesis:

• Is it really the secessionists who are perpetrators of the latest Bamenda attacks?

2nd Hypothesis

• Are there soldiers in the ranks of our forces who have been infiltrated, transformed into Ambazonians and who execute their comrades, sabotage our property?

3rd Hypothesis

• Do you not have to list and open files on all the companies that are currently exploiting and coveting our oil throughout this area? Is it one or more of them who are working on it?

4th Hypothesis

• Are '' our '' or '' our '' current oil partners worried about after BIYA and want to safeguard and secure their interests?

5th Hypothesis

• Is the strategy of inciting violence, creating a climate of terror and panic not a way of trying to force the hand of President Paul BIYA to accept a dialogue led by some "Great Powers"? Powers who will impose through this channel, the Plan Tapi dans l'Ombre: A transitional government of a short period, as some already claim.

6th Hypothesis

• Knowing that the dialogue initiated after the 1st of October by the government in this zone was a failure. Do we want to plan another plan to better destabilize Cameroon? create conditions for setting up a rougher and surgical device in this area?

Without risk of being deceived, the authors and the fundamental reasons of the crisis that knows the Cameroon are in one or the other of the above hypotheses. It is up to our internal security and intelligence services to shed light on the threats that destabilize Cameroon.

Me, President of the Republic tomorrow, facing such a crisis, the measures and devices listed below and already recommended in the aftermath of the events of October 1 are immediately implemented.

1.Pardon and release all our English-speaking brothers and sisters arrested in this crisis

2. Reinforce the troops and officially extend the Emergency State in so-called crisis zones, at least 3 months and 6 months at the most to reassure, secure, protect goods and people against this growing insecurity.

3. As the army is a multidisciplinary body, infiltrate military specialists trained in the dialogue, education, supervision and counseling of village populations in the two crisis zones.

4. Listen individually to the people, by the military, specialists and local representatives. Leave the door open for dialogue that will come on its own at the right time. Certainly not, before the next presidential election.

5.If there were no elections next year, in place of the dialogue requested, I will organize a Referendum to interview every Cameroonian on the subject of the so-called Anglophone crisis.

6. Make effective decentralization. This will necessarily solve the question of federalism.

7.Overall, if it is proven by your internal security services and general information that some of the so-called friends are in the shadows to support the secessionists, I, Jean Blaise GWET President of the Republic, I will not hesitate to convene the Ambassadors of the countries concerned and, if necessary, to suspend for a time diplomatic relations with its countries.

Mr. President of the Republic, you have achieved the exercise of your power, in a world mutant and in motion, it is time to pass the witness before our enemies in the dark arrive at the end of their dirty work . With conviction, together and with the same voice, we will put Cameroon and Africa upright.

In the present context, Mr. President of the Republic, concentrate on the preparation and organization of the next elections, which must be free and transparent, which alone will legitimize all those who want to manage the Cameroonian nation tomorrow. If possible, why not review the electoral code?

Whatever the decisions and answers to the expectations of the so-called Anglophone crisis today, Mr. President of the Republic, from my point of view, this crisis will find no beginning of solution before the end of the next elections. For the evil of our people in general is more than profound. The phenomenon is global. Our people are hungry, they want to work, they want to be housed, they want to take care of themselves, they want to send their children to school, they want to move freely, they want to have modern infrastructures (roads, water, water, energy, transport) etc ... in every village, in every city, in every region.

I, Jean Blaise GWET, Candidate for the 2018 Presidential Election, National President of the Patriotic Movement for Change of Cameroon, my Political Party MPCC will present candidates for all elections (Municipal, Legislative, Senatorial and Presidential) in all regions of Cameroon, including those in crises. As long as the crisis persists, Mr President of the Republic, the state of emergency will have to extend in both regions to secure the area and ensure the peace and quiet of the voters who will be willing to go to the polls in 2018.

Without denying or questioning the perfect traditional relationships that we have had for decades with our historic partners and today, it is time to diversify our strategic partnerships. Why not strengthen a little more, our cooperation with other allies such as Israel, Russia, China?

Mr. President of the Republic, the world is changing and the cards are being redistributed, many of our allies of yesterday have now become political dwarves and without us they shrivel. Let us take conscience and take the train still in the station before it leaves without us. Fatherland, we love it, are ready to protect it and die for it.

President Jean Blaise GWET

MPCC National President

Open letter addressed to the President of the Republic in November 2017