Sunday, July 8, 2018

Miss Cameroon Pageant: The Tribunal confirms the election of Caroline Aimee Nseke

Miss Cameroon 2018 should finish her term. Her crown threatened by a complaint of a competitor of the election does not escape her for the moment. It is the Chamber of Deputies of the Court of First Instance of Yaoundé-Administrative Center that allows Caroline Aimee Nseke to retain its attributes of beauty queen of Cameroon. In the report he signed on July 5, 2018, his counsel, Mr. Pierre-Alexis Bayebec, reported the conclusions of the hearing of July 3, 2018 in these terms: "the Court of First Instance of Yaoundé-Center Administratif ( Chamber of Referrals) a in the case resumed in the margin came in his hearing of 03 July 2018 rendered the decision which the device is so conceived: "We President, Judge of the Referrals, Ruling publicly, contradictorily with respect to the parties in matter hour to hour, in first instance and after having deliberated according to the law; In the principal, refer the parties to better provide themselves as they will advise; But already provisionally given the urgency; Reject as inoperative the objections of inadmissibility and nullity of procedure raised by the defendants; We declare incompetent rationae materiae; Refrain the plaintiff to better provide; We condemn it to distracted costs for the benefit of Pierre-Alexis BAYEBEC and MANG MAYI Gervais, Lawyers for legal offers; Let's say our binding order on minute before registration. "

In January 2018, Caroline Biloa Kounou had sued to denounce irregularities during the evening of the Miss Cameroon election held on December 30, 2018 in Yaounde. She complained of being removed from the race to the crown in unexplained conditions and claimed as compensation for the damage the sum of 30 million CFA Francs and the annulment of the election of Caroline Aimee Nseke. The case made a big splash in its early days, tarnishing the image already pretty badly chipped Miss Cameroon Committee.

This is why Me Bayebec concludes his report on this triumphalist note: "Moreover, it is important to draw to the attention of the national and international opinion, the media that the other party had seized the judge Referrals to to see the term and functions of Miss Cameroon 2018 held by Miss NSEKE Aimee Caroline be suspended. This party had orchestrated an unprecedented media hype about the merits of its action. Through this decision, we dare to believe that it will have the same courage to share it with the media, in order to enlighten national and international opinion. "